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Joker and the Thief v2 Playing Cards USPCC

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Joker and the Thief v2 Playing Cards USPCC

Joker and the Thief v2  Playing Cards

Available in 3 colors.

The original Joker and the Thief Playing Cards design returns for a third and final instalment. Now dressed in a handsome blood red colorway and peppered with lavish gold foil. 

Complete with a stunning tuck box, a striking seal, metallic inks, charismatic face cards, and an iconic Ace of Spades. The Blood Red Edition brings the original deck's mythology full circle. 

First there was the darkness. Contrasting this, our second deck came from the light. Now we present the blood that ties each character in our symbolic tale together. 

Created with a durable premium casino grade stock and coupled with Classic finish. Encapsulating this Blood Red Edition is a tuck box composed of luxurious imported red dyed paper. Hot stamped with dazzling gold foil. Heavily embossed, then capped with a gorgeous perforated seal. 

2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Absolutely Beautiful

The midnight blue edition tuck case is gorgeous and the cards with the metallic inks are amazing.


Initially, I bought a few blue decks. I was so pleased with the blues that I went back and bought a couple of reds as well. They are a bit pricier than comparable options, but worth every penny. The artwork and detail is incredible. Definitely a deck that you would want to put on display. Everything from the paper stock, to the tuck case, to the artwork screams quality.


3rd deck I now own from J&T and just like the others they are perfect. I LOVE the red of not only the embossed tuck case but the backs of the cards really pop. Fronts of the cards are different enough to stand out but not so over the top you couldn't use them for tricks or normal play. Cant wait to order more, I gotta have all the colors now.


I have the blue deck. The tuck case is one you stare at in wonder. Even on a table full of card decks, I find myself staring at this one. The tuck case feels special, too. However they did it, they made these look and feel amazing. Like other reviews have said, the cards themselves are incredible. Custom everything. I love these cards. I want the red ones next.

One of a kind

Simply stated. If you are on this site looking to add to your collection for whatever use or you're looking to buy your first limited deck of cards, Jokers and Thieves is one you must get. The artwork, the tuck box, the allure and mystique of everything this deck offfers to cardists, magicians, illusionists, players, collectors and everyone in between... You will love this deck of cards and may be upset if you don't get it. So get it and feel like a joker and thief.

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