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Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Playing Cards USPCC

$12.99 USD
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Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Playing Cards USPCC

$12.99 USD

Premium playing cards produced in collaboration with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Since 1954, The Tonight Show has been a legendary staple in American television.

These playing cards are a fitting tribute to a show that has entertained audiences of all ages. They’re breathtaking, elegant, intricate, and stunning.

Every aspect of the design was inspired by the Tonight Show, with iconic illustration elements featuring the New York skyline, Studio 6B, and the man himself: Jimmy Fallon.

The Tonight Show Playing Cards feature a custom Ace of Spades, Joker, box design, and typography. Even the court cards were designed from scratch - with playful, fun, intricate illustrations.

Made in the USA using FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, vegetable-based inks, and starch-based laminates.

2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael D.
Very nice deck!

I bought these because my wife is a big Jimmy Fallon fan. The cards handle well and have an elegant design. Are one of the court cards supposed to be Jimmy? Very nice tuck case and blue backs with Jimmy Fallon’s name!

Michael Guenoun

Why jimmy Fallon has a deck of cards is beyond me they handle great but don’t look good

Very Cool Deck

Tuck Case - 5/5
Like most theory11 decks, the tuck case is the feature of the deck. Elegant gold foil, embossing, on a dark blue case. Lots of detail and an elongated custom seal.

Card Design - 4/5
Two-way backs with slightly custom pips and font. Aces have a unique crescent moon under the corner pips, and their center pips have little more gold detailing. The courts have a nice custom two way design: a dolled up person inside a themed frame. Perhaps they are meant to be Fallon's guests on the show?

Handling - 4/5
Handles very well. Easy to shuffle and riffle. What you would expect from a USPCC premium deck.

Game Play - 4.5/5
Really shouldn't have any problem with breaking this deck out on poker night. Court cards are not really familiar at all, but the cards are clearly discernible and you shouldn't miss a beat.

Overall - 4/5
Very nice deck. Much prefer it to the other theory11 deck I have (Monarchs). Finally feel like the quality of the card design match the elegance of the tuck case. Recommended, even if you aren't a Fallon fan.

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