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Jetsetter Premier Edition Playing Cards EPCC

$12.99 USD
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Jetsetter Premier Edition Playing Cards EPCC

$12.99 USD

Jetsetter Premier Edition Playing Cards


Last year, we successfully launched the Luxury Edition deck of Jetsetter Playing Cards. We printed 1,200 decks and our inventory officially sold out at the tail end of 2015. This led to many individuals requesting status on the next edition of Jetsetter Playing Cards and when it would take flight. So, we'd like to introduce you to the Premier Edition deck in the Altitude Blue colorway. 

We took the concept of our original deck and decided to take it a few steps forward. The newest edition of Jetsetter Playing Cards is now further inspired by the classic casino and vintage airline decks of the past. We've added to the clean and simple design of the original while still appealing to aviation, travel, and playing card enthusiasts. 


The tuck case will have a vintage and classy feel with modern appeal. Once in your hand, at the right angle, you'll notice a clear UV spot coating creatively applied as the pattern of airplanes found on the front of the tuck. Furthermore, it will be produced with exclusive synthetic stock providing durability beyond your standard tuck case that plagues your everyday deck - perfect for traveling. The back design of the playing cards will showcase the Altitude Blue colorway with the same airplane pattern as the original Luxury Edition deck. We've added our new Jetsetter Playing Cards logo to the back design in the traditional two-way casino-style. Additionally, the custom Ace of Spades will prominently exhibit that same new logo. 

The deck will be printed with standard court cards that have been re-colored to match the overall theme and feel of the Premier Edition deck in the Altitude Blue colorway, while paying homage to airline frequent flyer tiers. Spades and Clubs will showcase blue, black, and silver court cards. Diamonds and Hearts will showcase a deeper casino red, black, and gold court cards. 

The deck will include two untraditional, yet functional Jokers that resemble a pair of fictitious airline boarding passes for a round trip flight. Each of the Jokers will show variation between the two, making them ideal for gameplay. Hidden within one of the Jokers will be an Eight of Clubs reveal. Additionally, as an added bonus for the traveling magician, both Jokers will have a location dedicated for a written prediction or signature. 

Lastly, the deck will be printed with the sought after Classic Finish, which provides a familiar and functional feel right out of the box.


The thin borders of the Premier Edition deck relies on precise registration with the printing and cutting. Due to that critical requirement, we have selected The Expert Playing Card Company based in NYC to manage the production of the newest version of Jetsetter Playing Cards. However, we will be manufacturing this deck within the same factory as the Luxury Edition deck. 

 2016 Release.

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