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Jack Daniel's Playing Cards USPCC

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Jack Daniel's Playing Cards USPCC

Jack Daniels Playing Cards

Available as a 2 deck set or individually.

  • Tennessee Honey Deck has Special Black and Gold Pips
  • Tennessee Whiskey Deck has Standard Black and Red Pips
  • 2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Decent Deck for a Jack Lover

The card and print quality is great, as expected from any USPCC deck, but I think a couple of the design choices leave a little something to be desired. The red color that was chosen for the hearts/diamonds/face card art is muted, which I think is a great idea, but it's just a bit too muted when compared to the starkness of the black ink, and they shifted the red a little too close to orange. I think it just makes them look a little off, versus having a cohesive style. If the hue of the red was closer to pure red, and the blacks weren't so midnight-dark, I think it would have looked perfect. Also the back of the tuck box is frankly uninspired, I think they easily could have done without the image of the cards and done something else. And lastly, one cards in the deck had what seemed to be a faint, greasy fingerprint on it that wiped off easily, but still probably shouldn't have been there. All of that being said, it's still a fine deck for drinks and poker.

P. Dennis
Perfect Deck for the "Jack Daniel's" Trick!

Had to have this deck to perform Paul Gordon's Jack Daniel's Trick. Another quirky spelling trick similar to the "Tally-Ho Trick." Whiskey, poker, marked cards, counterfeit cards.... plenty to patter about here before dealing and spelling the words! Wild Card "jokers" and a double backer.


The Jack Daniels Playing Cards printed by the United States Playing Card Company are the perfect gift for the person that like whiskey in your family. Grab a deck or two!

Eiichi Murakami
Jacks Wild!

These decks are perfect for any poker night, party game, or even great for collecting! Even comes with two wild cards to boot!

Daniel Turgelis
Classic drink and cards

These cards are perfect right out of the box since they are uspcc, very unique coloring on the honey version, but both are really nice thinking of mixing half of the original Jack Daniels and half coca cola deck for a jack and coke .

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