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Iong's Magic 30th Anniversary Playing Cards

$14.99 USD
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Iong's Magic 30th Anniversary Playing Cards

$14.99 USD

In the design of godlike playing cards, art and stylish creation are not enough. Moreover, the good hand feeling is extremely important. Not only does it include the feel of thickness and hardness in the use of Cardistry, but it also includes the feel of elasticity, flexibility, and controllability. We researched several brands of the best playing cards in the world, and we found that each one has its own advantages. But how to gather all of their advantages in one deck of cards? This was a major, but fun, challenge! 

To honor the 30th Anniversary of Iong's Magic, we began to prepare and produce high-quality playing cards that are suitable for magicians. In addition, we also invited Mr. Konstantin, who is a well-known painter in Europe, to be in charge of the illustration. Wilson Lam, the founder of Macau Creations, was in charge of the entire designing process. And the members of Iong's Magic themselves joined in the supervision, and provided some creative ideas. 

We selected the materials strictly and carefully. Finally we chose the best raw materials in the world to print. After plenty of research, at last, we created these fantastic playing cards, which are highly artistic. It was not at all easy, but certainly worth the effort. 

After more than a year, we modified and improved the design style, packaging, material, handles, etc. Finally, the mysterious, noble, artistic, high-quality, good-hand-feeling, magic and special playing cards were born to witness the 30 years of Iong's Magic. 

You will be proud to own this marvelous deck of cards. 

About Iong's Magic Macao 

Iong's Magic once acted in the movie Now You See Me 2. The Iong's Magic Shop was founded in 1986. It is the biggest magic organization in Macao. The founder is Raymond Iong, a well-known magician in Macao. He was the winner of the People's Choice Awards in the Society of American Magicians Competition 2006. What's more, he received the name, the Best Magic Team Asia, which was awarded by the International Magician Society.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Super Unique Pips

Tuck Case - 4/5
The case is well designed. No embossing that I can tell. Dark blue and gold with intricate design detail. A rough matte finish.

Card Design - 3.5/5
I had to take off some points off for the one-way back design. I just like two-way better for more symmetry. The big design choice on this deck is to go with the very unique pips. Instead of being unique per suit, they are unique per rank. So all the eights use the same pip, which is different than the sevens, and so on. Black and white for the black suits and colored for the red suits. Definitely an interesting design and something that will spark interest. Court cards are all custom and unique, with interesting art.

Handling - 4/5
These cards feel much different than other cards. Not sure what they are made of, but they seem more bendy and seem to riffle easier than other cards. As an beginner, they seemed to clump a bit when practicing fans, but that just might be my inexperience.

Game Play - 2/5
The unique pips might be distracting for game play, but worse is that some court designs are borderless, meaning you can pick those cards out of group somewhat easily. As a result, not the best for game play.

Overall - 3/5
Interesting deck, and a joy to riffle shuffle. The art had to take some time to grow on me. But a good deck to have in the collection.

Great Value

With the deal on this deck right now, how could you not add it to a collection? Great opportunity to grab this deck. The tuck is really well done. It has an old school magic feel to me. Court cards are very unique and different. Glad I grabbed a deck with the sale that is going on.

Jimmy Willis

I am a beginner at single handed cuts and such. After opening this deck and it feeling alot different than any other deck I have I started trying the one handed beginner cuts. I was having difficulty doing the scissor cut and with this deck I was doing them easily. I think this is a great deck for any beginner in cardistry. Its alot easier to handle and alot easier doing one handed cuts. The cards almost seem to have a clear gilding finish on the edges because I havent been able to faro shuffle them. Other than that a great price at $9.99

Magical deck

Unique and appealing design in this deck. Nice quality tuck case, quality cards. Everything is well-done with these cards.

Mário Baptista
Great deck

I love this deck!!!

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