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Inspire v2 Marked Bicycle Playing Cards

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Inspire v2 Marked Bicycle Playing Cards

Inspire v2 Marked Bicycle Playing Cards

A January 2020 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

Available in blue & red, not sold as a set

Printed by USPCC.

Fully marked for suit and value.

Second marking system for color. You can read the color of the card from a very tight spread.

Long lasting air-cushion finish.

Minimal everyday design.

Standard Faces + NEW Bicycle Ace of Spades.

Duplicate Queen of Hearts in every deck.

Secret reveal on back of the duplicate Queen.

2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Better than I thought

This deck handles very well, even though it is slightly thicker than most of the decks I have. The faces are standard, and I have the blue deck which has Follow Your Dreams on the back. I won't bother explaining the marking system since you get that information elsewhere, but in addition to the number and suit markings, it also tells you whether the card is black or red. That is a nice touch. It comes with duplicate jokers, a duplicate queen of hearts (with a reveal on it), and a double backer. Always a plus. I found the markings to be easy to read, although I do need my glasses. As I mentioned in other reviews of marked decks, I only use them as a backup like when a force doesn't go as planned. I haven't used these cards in front of anyone yet, but I don't think that the back design would arouse suspicion.

Fun, clever

Fun and clever, nicely designed and well thought out. I like that there is a color system separate from the rank and suit system. I have the red ones.

bicycle look alike

fun marked cards, the box makes them look like bicycle brand cards but the backs are noticeably not. They're easy to read once you've learned and practiced reading them quickly, it'll only take an hour or so to be decent enough to present. A fun thing I've been using them for is to do a Si Stebbins stack and using the marking as a safe guard if the participant doesn't want the deck in you're hands.

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