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Insignia Back Blue Bicycle Playing Cards

$8.99 USD
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Insignia Back Blue Bicycle Playing Cards

$8.99 USD

Insignia Back Blue Bicycle Playing Cards

A June 2020 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

After 130 years the classic Bicycle Playing Cards gets a modern, sophisticated, fresh look and feel.

A custom deck of playing cards featuring the iconic Bicycle logo. Printed by The US Playing Card Company on a crushed classic stock.

Bicycle Insignia Back is the first custom deck of playing cards from The Magic Firm. Printed by the US Playing Card Company, the Insignia Back deck embodies a timeless feel. The iconic Bicycle logo adorns the card backs in a classic casino-style placement, creating a simple elegance that makes a bold statement.


The recognizability of the Bicycle logo makes these cards perfectly suited for game night with friends, fantastic for magicians, and stunning for cardistry.


Insignia Back are printed on a crushed classic stock with an embossed air-cushion "Magic Finish" to give a premium feel and handling. No matter what the application, Insignia Backs are designed to deliver the goods night after night.

  • Standard Faces
  • 2 duplicate Jokers
  • 1 double backed card
  • 1 blank faced card
  • 2020 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sariah Bird

Decent feel. Basic design. I recommend for a game night as they are good for general use, and hold up to the abuse.

Michael D.
Nice blue deck!

As usual, this is a high quality bicycle deck! This is the quality expected by Bicycle branded cards, and the bright blue backs are great for me since blue is my favorite color! I like that it comes with the double backer and extra cards to help aid in some magic routines. Overall great deck!

Eiichi Murakami
Blue Steel!

These cards are perfect for everyone, whether you are into magic, flourishes, collecting, or just hanging out and playing cards with friends, you are in good hands. They also come in four standard colours; blue is my favourite of them all because they are really, really ridiculously good looking!

Justin H
Kind of plain.

These are, or course, excellent performers. Style doesn’t do anything for me. There are so many more interesting back designs on basically the same cards. And they are 4 bucks more than lots of other air cushion decks

Blue for you

The blue is a very classic look. A must have for any Bicycle brand collector. Very nice back design and great quality cards. The feel is excellent.

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