Innovation Blue Signature Playing Cards LPCC

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Innovation Blue Signature Playing Cards

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"In March of 2015, I launched 'Innovation Playing Cards,' which was a huge success. This was one of my favorite projects to date. The idea of taking some of the greatest inventors of all time and depicting their likeness in a deck of cards was so much fun to do and to see the project come to life was a humbling experience." 
- Jody Eklund 
Only 1000 of the Innovation - Blue Signature Edition Playing Cards will be printed. When it's gone, it's gone! 

  • Printed by the Legends Playing Card Company
  • Each court card, Ace and the Jokers will have original illustrations, capturing the feel of the era.
  • The Cards are printed on the "Legends" Classic Finish, which is their highest quality card stock.
  • The Tuck Case is made with Premium Card Stock Box, fully embossed and foiled in a beautiful, rich shade of blue.
  • Unique Back Design
  • Completely Custom Deck of Cards

Look below at the amazing people and objects depicted in this wondrous deck. You will have a grand time illuminating and discussing their importance while using the Innovation - Blue Signature Edition Playing Cards. It's importance is immediately apparent from the rich blue tuck box, which you'll be proud to show off!

2017 Release

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