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Index Only Bicycle Playing Cards

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Index Only Bicycle Playing Cards

Index Only Bicycle Playing Cards

Available as a set & individually

A very minimal Bicycle rider back deck with only indices on the faces. No pips, no court characters. This is essentially the exact opposite of our "Faro Edition" Bicycle deck we created a few years ago.

Besides regular card us this is also an ideal deck for magicians to use for sign a card routines or for use as gaff cards.

Artists may use the blank canvas to draw their own designs and still have a playable deck.

This is a limited print run so make sure to grab a few for your favorite uses and collection.

  • Printed by USPCC on Classic Stock
  • Traditional Cut & Air-Cushion Finish
  • Produced by Will Roya
  • 52 Cards + 2 Jokers
  • Double Back & Blank Face
  • Limited Edition of 2,500 each Color
  • 2022 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jerry Chandler
Perfect deck to throw in the gaff card box

While this is a complete deck that can be used as a (mostly) standard playing card deck, this was a purchase to cannibalize the deck and use the various cards for card magic effects. Having no pips and no artwork on the Jacks, Queens, and Kings makes the cards in this deck great for slight of hand tricks where you erase or steal the pips or artwork from a card.

Perfect example- There's a very easy beginner trick (lots of tutorials on YouTube) referred to as Paintbrush. Typically, you would change a card from maybe a 7 of clubs to a 7 of diamonds. With the cards from this deck, you can easily change Paintbrush into an erasing trick where you remove the pips or artwork. Then you use any of a variety of sleight of hand card tricks to return the card to normal.

Well worth the price for a deck that allows you to perform the trick on different occasions with any of the standard cards rather than always doing it with the same card or the same two or three cards. Plus, it's a nice novelty deck for standard card games if you don't do card tricks.

P. Dennis
Perfect for magic effects

Missing pips are excellent for magic. Some uses: (1) fading cards in two steps, pips disappear first, then the index vanishes! (2) I like the disappearing jokers effects. Joker rides away on his bike! Joker gone from card and appears somewhere else! (Use a cut out from a standard deck! ) (3) This is similar to (1). erase the central pip from a 3 of clubs. Have the 3 clubs change to a "2" of clubs. Then change it to all missing pips, and then all blank. Find loose pips and index in card box or else where. (cut those from a standard card).

I'm sure there are more!

Jackson M.
Fun Novelty/Magic Deck.

This deck is pretty neat. I've seen plenty of faro decks, but not index only ones that I can recall. It's also useful in some magic routines.

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