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Inception Inceptus Playing Cards LPCC

$14.99 USD
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Inception Inceptus Playing Cards LPCC

$14.99 USD

Inception Inceptus Playing Cards

From creator Judy Eklund: 

All ideas start with a spark, a light that dispels darkness… an inception. Our world’s great thoughts, inventions, movements have been built on the foundation of history’s first great thinkers. These people were the revolutionaries that realized that what is, is not always as it seems, and persevered to birth new worlds of thought and knowledge. 

The Inception playing cards were created to celebrate the people who were vanguards in their fields. Their ideas laid the bedrock for growing fields of knowledge, discovery and invention.

The Inspiration

For Inception my inspiration came from Leonardo DaVinci’s sketches and his obsession with knots. I wanted to create something that looked like it was created 500 years ago and use the knots as a design element that is woven throughout the project.  

I think one of my greatest challenges as an artist or as a creator is to continue to find new ways to stretch myself. I am never satisfied with what I have done.  I’m always striving to make my skills better.  


Printed by the Legends Playing Card Co. 

54 Custom Cards 

Each court, Ace and Joker cards will have original illustrations, capturing the feel of the era.  

Unique Ace of Spades and King of Spades  

Unique Back design 

The Cards will be printed on the Classic Finish, which is the highest quality card stock that Legends has to offer. 

The Tuck will feature copper foiling and embossing. 

2016 Release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Quality of this deck is sub par if you prefer United States PLaying Card Company cards. Design is alright.

Terry Quan Chi Dung
Love this series

i really like the back design of this series - feels like a tally-ho remade kinda back. Not really a fan of the quality though


Lovely tuck case with a very complex design. The card faces are unusual and quite customized, which is great. Nice card backs.

Tarek Fattal
Probably won't purchase from this company again

First I must say the designer had a stellar idea however it seems as though the producers failed him. I was first put off by the front side of tuck case, the brownish red backdrop doesn't quite match the copper foiling. Though, it does look far better on the back when the majority of the canvas, so to speak, is covered in the copper foiling. My greatest qualm with this deck is the stock; In my opinion, not only does it rob the cards of any depth when it comes to the art on the backside of the card. It also feels horrible to handle, almost as though it was made with PVC. In comparison to the tuck case, the backside art of the cards looks faded and dim.

Eric Lee
Amazing idea from Jody Eklund

This is something different from Jody's usual Black Ink style drawing. He also tries something different. Instead of having 1 standard, 1 LE and 1 Collectors version , he instead has 3 standard edition decks but with 3 different colours, backs, Ace of Spades and King of Spades. The 3 KoS are : INTELLECTUS - Leonardo, ILLUSTRATUM - Archimedes, INCEPTUS - Hero of Alexandria

He has created 3 amazingly intricate celtic knot inspired design for the tuck, back and ace. The design is printed with beautiful copper foil that goes very well the dark blue,red and brown colours chosen for each deck. The great work Jody has done makes it hard to get just 1 deck . If you can, get all 3 and enjoy Jody's work. If you have to chose just 1 deck, it'll depend on your preferred colour, back design, AoS and KoS. Good luck with that!

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