Inception Illustratum Playing Cards Deck LPCC

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From creator Judy Eklund:

All ideas start with a spark, a light that dispels darkness… an inception. Our world’s great thoughts, inventions, movements have been built on the foundation of history’s first great thinkers. These people were the revolutionaries that realized that what is, is not always as it seems, and persevered to birth new worlds of thought and knowledge.

The Inception playing cards were created to celebrate the people who were vanguards in their fields. Their ideas laid the bedrock for growing fields of knowledge, discovery and invention.

The Inspiration

For Inception my inspiration came from Leonardo DaVinci’s sketches and his obsession with knots. I wanted to create something that looked like it was created 500 years ago and use the knots as a design element that is woven throughout the project. 

I think one of my greatest challenges as an artist or as a creator is to continue to find new ways to stretch myself. I am never satisfied with what I have done.  I’m always striving to make my skills better. Features: ·Printed by the Legends Playing Card Co.·54 Custom Cards ·Each court, Ace and Joker cards will have original illustrations, capturing the feel of the era.  ·Unique Ace of Spades and King of Spades ·Unique Back design·The Cards will be printed on the Classic Finish, which is the highest quality card stock that Legends has to offer.·The Tuck will feature copper foiling and embossing.
2016 Release.

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