Imperio Night Playing Cards USPCC

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The pre-Hispanic cultures of the Mayans and the Aztecs were our inspiration for the design of this detailed playing cards deck. Each of these tribes initiated the development of the Mesoamerican civilization and territorial expansion. The word Empire which translates to IMPERIO in the Spanish language reflects the greatness of these cultures. We wanted to reflect the majesty, the greatness and above all the rich culture of these civilizations through a modern and elegant design full of ancestral symbols. 

Hope you enjoy this deck as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Product Details

  • 56 Poker size cards (includes 1 double back & 1 THANK YOU card) 
  • Magic (Embossed) Finish 
  • Metallic Ink on the tuck 
  • 100% custom and unique deck design
  • Printed by The USPCC Company
  • Custom Tuck Seal
  • 2018 Release

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