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Hudson Playing Cards by Theory 11

$12.95 USD
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Hudson Playing Cards by Theory 11

$12.95 USD

Hudson Playing Cards

The machines were blazing. A cloud of steam filled the air. And then - as if by magic - one product emerged from the assembly line: Hudson Playing Cards. 

Forged on the bank of the Hudson River in New York, Hudson Playing Cards was inspired by a historic factory dating back to 1856. It was the pinnacle of playing card quality. 

With unrivaled quality, snap, feel, and finish, Hudson Playing Cards was the gold standard for poker players and family games alike. Thousands of decks once crossed this mythical assembly line - and then, as quickly as it emerged, it vanished in 1871 with the rise of the New York Consolidated Card Company. 

A legend lost to history - until today. theory11 proudly reimagines Hudson Playing Cards, with an all-new deck designed and manufactured in the USA with relentless attention to detail.

The design is breathtaking, intricate, detailed, and timeless - with a custom Ace of Spades, Joker, back design, and tuck case packaging.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Awesome deck as always!

Great New York aesthetic

A gorgeous deck with a very nice new york architecture aesthetic, very premium card feel and one of the most gorgeous tuck cases one could ever ask for.

Sariah Bird

I really enjoy the colors and design of this deck. They also feel great to use. I would recommend for anyone looking for a nice, smooth deck.

Cade F
Love These

These cards are great, I bought them at target today and think they look even better then the Black Hudsons. I already tried some card tricks with them and they handle great. Love the faded green on the card backs.

Amazing deck

I really like this deck. The tuck case is amazing and the cards feel great. I wish the color on the back was a bit darker, but they still look and feel amazing. The cards have completely standard faces, making it nice for magic and gameplay. Overall a good deck for a good price.

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