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Hoyle Blue Playing Cards

$4.99 USD
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Hoyle Blue Playing Cards

$4.99 USD

Hoyle Blue Playing Cards

Hoyle® playing cards have long set the standard for playing cards. True to the legacy of Edmund Hoyle, we make every deck of Hoyle® playing cards using custom coatings and paper of the highest quality, so you’re always ready for game night. The Hoyle® Standard Deck features:
• Custom paper using a proprietary lamination process for durability.
Nevada finish for improved shuffling and dealing.

Customer Reviews

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Great Deck

Very similar to the Red version of the deck albeit with a blue back design. I do enjoy the handling of the cards, but unlike many previous reviewers, I haven't put it through a lot of wear and tear and haven't had the cards for THAT long. That being said, the handling has held up, I'm able to faro the cards easily enough. The lack of gaff cards make it difficult to state that it's designed for magic, but you can definitely use it as such. I'd say that it shines during gameplay. It's a great deck of cards to use for any game night.

Quality deck of cards

I was always a fan of Hoyle cards as a teen in the late 70s and 80s.
They were a touch different aesthetically than the usual rider-backs or Aviators everyone else used to play.
I thought the "Neptune and shell" was really sharp, especially in blue.
I liked the dual faced Joker too.
This new pack I purchased really brought back some memories.
It'd been awhile since I had played any Hoyle cards.
Seems that nobody really carries them in stores around here.
These have a textured nearly "air-cushion" finish.
I honestly can't remember the old Hoyle finish anymore. I thought they were smooth
like Aviators but may be way off on that.
Either way, they feel great and deal smoothly.
This deck comes with the Hoyle dual face joker, and a lesser joker that is just a red "hoyle" banner.
Overall I'm very pleased with these cards.

P. Dennis
Nice deck for durability, card play and magic

I'm not a cardist and these are not cardistry grade cards. But, I find the handling for regular card play and magic tricks including sleights to be quite good. We have an ancient Hoyle pinochle deck and I find it still handles well for sleights. These are durable long lasting decks. For aesthetics I like the Hoyle clam backs and the deep blue backs are quite nice.


Not the best cards as far as handling, but a solid everyday deck for practicing and day work. Hoyles tend to handle better after being worn out a little. With enough handling, the slippery plastic feel of the card gives way to a comfortable, pleasant, and workable state.

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