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House of the Rising Spade Faro Playing USPCC

$19.99 USD
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House of the Rising Spade Faro Playing USPCC

$19.99 USD

Looking for an unusual and intriguing deck? You found it! 

Illustrations are not to be missed! New and clever way to showcase the number cards. 

Designed by: Stockholm17 Playing Cards, Sweden. 

Year: 2018

  • Cards Printed by USPCC on their classic stock
  • 56 cards poker size
  • Golden metallic ink on both sides
  • 100% custom, with one-way court cards and spot cards
  • Back design is one-way
  • 55th card: double backer
  • 56th card: enigma card
  • Tuckbox printed by Oath Playing Cards with white foil, gold foil, inner graphics and embossing on white paper
  • Tuckbox is cello-wrapped

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Terry Quan Chi Dung

I fell in love w this deck instantly, the number cards have no index on it which is quite a bummer for me. But the real masterpiece is the court cards - they are like tarot cards. Best design of JQK ever !

Daniel Costarell
Step inside this magnificent house!

This deck is so over the top and luxurious, you won't want to use any other deck ever again. When I say that this deck is completely custom, you have to really hold it and appreciate it for yourself, as there is not a single trace of anything standard on these cards. The box is beautiful inside and out. The one way backs are white with beautiful and ornate metallic gold inks displaying a cross keys design. The two thru ten, while basic (white background, faro style), still display custom pips. This deck almost feels like it's telling a story of a mysterious old mansion. The ace of spades has a huge center pip with the king and queen holding keys, and the text "Room 17" at the top of the card, adorned on either side by a set of crossed keys. The other aces, while not as ornate, also feature a key and the names of other rooms (library, cellar, and attic). The "Room 17" on the ace of spades is obviously a reference to the artist of this deck, known as Stockholm 17, who very well may be the greatest playing card designer of all time. The artwork on the faces is simply unreal. Without the gold border like the cartomancer version has, these court cards have almost a tarot like feel. You'll never see anything like this on any other deck of cards. I can continue to type, but it couldn't do it justice, and I'd have to sit here and wax poetic for hours about this deck to even come close to describing how amazing this is. You WILL NOT regret making this purchase!

Beautiful silbing to the Cartomancer deck

I bought this as a set with the black Cartomancer. Although I preferred the Cartomancer to the Faro (this version), this deck is still beautiful on its own rights. Two visual differences between Cartomancer and Faro - 1) the gold foil on the face of the Cartomancer deck, and 2) the pips.

EndersGame Reviewer
Another stunning Stockholm17 deck

I'm a big fan of Lorenzo's decks, and this is one of his best. It has a real vintage look, with the absence of usual indices, so it's ideal for magic that suits an old style theme. The artwork on the courts is exquisite. I actually prefer this to the more tarot inspired Cartomancer deck that is the sibling of this Faro deck.

Eric Lee
Still excellent compared to its more glamorous sibling

This seems almost like a quaint, slightly upmarket house compared to the glamourous, glitzy mansion that is the Cartomancer deck of this series. However, it's more playable as the pips are ordered in the standard style. No indices though as the House of the Rising Spades decks were done in a homage to the traditional, ancient style from the 16th century to the 19th century. One way full figure courts were also standard back then.

Still a deck to behold and admired. But you won't feel so bad playing with this deck compared to the Cartomancer!

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