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Honeybee V2 Playing Cards USPCC

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Honeybee V2 Playing Cards USPCC

Honeybee V2 Playing Cards

Sold in yellow, black or as a 2 deck set.

They're back and sweeter than ever - Honeybee V2 Playing Cards from Penguin Magic. 

Designed by Randy Butterfield, the Honeybees were our first-ever custom deck. The V1 borderless edition sold out quickly, and we have been getting requests for a bordered edition ever since. Today your wish comes true! 

Honeybees are our nod to a traditional Bee-style deck. Instead of a diamond pattern, the deck features a beautiful honeycomb pattern complete with 2 realistic honeybees walking on the back. You can almost taste the honey as you gaze at them! 

The faces are traditional Bee-style faces with our timeless Beehive Ace of Spades and Beekeeper Jokers, plus a deeper high-roller red on the Hearts and Diamonds. We've created a custom color scheme and background pattern on all of the court cards. 

These cards handle like a DREAM. They are printed on US Playing Card's embossed Bee stock with their Grade-A "Magic" finish for ultimate fanning, spreading, durability, and longevity. They have also been traditionally cut (the blade goes through the face side) which makes table faro shuffles and other gambling moves significantly easier to accomplish. 

We have even included 2 special gaffs, a double-backer and a blank-facer, which you can use for creative magic routines or as cut cards during your weekly poker game! 

These gorgeous decks are available in Yellow and Black backs. Get yours today! 

- New V2 Bordered Back Design 
- Printed by the US Playing Card Company 
- Bee Stock and Premium "Magic" Finish 
- Traditionally Cut 
- Designed by Randy Butterfield 
- Custom Back, Tuck Box, Ace of Spades, and Jokers 
- Custom Color Scheme and Background Pattern on the Court Cards 
- 2 Gaff Cards Included 
- Double Backer and Blank Faces

2017 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daniel Costarell
The buzz about this deck

This is a very fun design! We start with a beautiful symmetrical honeycomb card back with two honeybees. The aces of spades is larger than life, featuring a beehive, bees, and a gold leaf scrollwork design at the bottom. The two full sized jokers are nicely done, featuring the joker as a beekeeper, tending to the hive. The court cards, while standard in terms of design, did feature their own unique color palette, which I found very appealing. It also seemed (to my eye, anyway) that the borders around the courts stood out just a bit more than on a standard deck, perhaps being slightly thicker. The two thru ten cards are completely standard, save for the fact that (again, just to my eye) it seems the center pips are larger than a regular deck, and the corner indexes are pushed just a bit closer to the edge of the cards. A blank card and a double backer card are also included. Some extra embellishment might have been nice on this deck, but still very well done.

EndersGame Reviewer
Great honey look

I loved the look of this deck when I first saw photos of it online, and it didn't disappoint in real life. The gold colours really give it a "dripping with honey" feel. I love the honeycomb design on the back, although I think I would have preferred a borderless design. But the bees are quite realistic, and really make it look very classy. The customization throughout the deck is good, with court cards having adjusted colours (yellow and grey), these make it look more professional and classy. The customized Ace of Spades and Jokers also fit well with the bee and honeycomb theme, and these are my favourite cards in this deck. Both the yellow and the black/grey deck are great, I find it hard to pick between them!

Steve Hansen
My opinion

The card back artwork, Unique Ace of Spades, Unique Jokers & tuck box artwork make this a 4 3/4. Standard pips and basically standard court cards keep this deck short of receiving a 5.

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