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Hesslers Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards

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Hesslers Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards

Hesslers Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards

Available in blue & red, not sold as a set

These cards were designed to be the best for playing card games and also beautiful to look at. Using four differently colored suits is often referred to as a No-Revoke deck because the four colors reduce the risk of accidentally playing the wrong suit (Revoking). Four-color decks are perfect for Texas Hold'em, Rummy, Hearts, Spades, and any game that traditionally uses multicolored decks such as Bridge No-Revoke, Italian Machiavelli, and German Skat.

  • Genuine Bicycle poker size playing cards. Made in the USA by The United States Playing Card Company
  • Four-color deck: Red Hearts, Blue Spades, Green Clubs, Yellow Diamonds
  • Custom card faces keep the classic standard look while improving the detail and color
  • Available with both blue and red Standard Bicycle Rider backs
  • Dual purpose Joker cards also include a list of Texas Hold'em poker hands
  • 2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Renee Lubert
I like the idea of different colors for each suit

I like the red hearts, gold diamonds, green clubs and blue spades. Definitely makes each suit easy to tell from one another. The only thing they could have done better were the Jokers, they are instead of Joker figures a list of poker hands and rules, which I think could have been better as additional cards. I do cartomancy and it kind of makes the Jokers to game-y. I ended up substituting from a cheaper deck of Rider-backs the Jokers from that deck, and it became a good deck after that. But the court art is very nice, and like I said, different colored pips also unique.

Magic Mike
Gold Standard

Love these deck. I love when standard faces and colors are altered a bit and this deck does it perfectly

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