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Heraclio Fournier No. 1 Spanish Playing Cards

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Heraclio Fournier No. 1 Spanish Playing Cards

Heraclio Fournier No. 1 Spanish Playing Cards

Available as a set or individually

Naipes Heraclio Fournier S.A. is a well-known Spanish playing card manufacturer based in Vitoria with a factory in Villareal de Alava, Spain. Featuring beautiful designs, these cards are perfect for Spanish card games like Mus, Briscas, and Tute. Unlike traditional poker or bridge decks, these feature ten numbered cards for each of 4 suits: clubs, coins, cups, and swords. They are also slightly larger length wise. Expand your gaming horizons with this beautiful deck. 

Customer Reviews

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Jerry Chandler
These are really nice cards

I was completely unfamiliar with Spanish Player cards before picking these up. They're not the "standard" size or feel compared to most playing card decks you own but they're a great addition to any collection.

Just on the visual presentation, they look beautiful. Because there are only 40 cards in a deck, there are limitations if you try to play some of the card games you're most familiar with. But, it's easy to find instructions online for the games these cards are traditionally used for like Chinchón or Cuarenta. Some of the games are familiar but different and the cards give things a wonderful visual flair.

A great deck to have if you want to add some variety to your game nights.

A nice curiosity

These are an interesting item if you normally just collect US poker cards. The detail on the tuck cases is very nice, with pattern embossing and bold vibrant colors. The cards are a smooth finish and don't fan particularly well but are very nicely printed.

Mago Aficionado
The Real Deal - Las de toda la vida

First of all, you must understand these are not Bicycles. These are the authenthic traditional playing cards from Spain, so do not expect air cushion finish, pips in the indexes... not even jokers. You also can't faro these puppies, and the cardboard is very sturdy, similar to NOC decks. They are a bit taller than Poker cards and a little bit narrower. You have 40 cards, with indexes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 (jack), 11 (horse), 12 (king).

For a Spaniard, these are the classic cards you know and love. Las de toda la vida.

A Non-spaniard will discover a beautiful deck with vibrant images and a very elegant style for Mentalism, Tarot or maybe to give your Magic a touch of color.

The package arrived on time and perfectly to Perú.

P. Dennis
Perfect for monte tricks. I like them!

I bought 3 decks to get the duplicate cards needed for various monte packet tricks, "Corner of Piccadilly" in particular. I like these cards as the full bleed backs make push offs easy. The cards handle nicely for these packet tricks and moves. Also the Spanish deck faces add a unique flavor to the monte tricks.

Eddie Ayala

Learned how to read Tarot from my grandmother 50 years ago using this deck. Tried the bootlegs sold in the 99 cents store but the images were horrid. I have since collected and used at least 20 other decks to read clients with but nothing beats the simplicity and the challenge of these cards.

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