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Hanami Hanafuda Playing Cards LPCC

$21.99 USD
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Hanami Hanafuda Playing Cards LPCC

$21.99 USD

Hanami Hanafuda is a vibrant floral-themed deck featuring 54 unique, fully custom, and beautifully illustrated poker-sized cards. 

Inspired by the floral motifs and symbolism-rich imagery of traditional Japanese hanafuda, Hanami is a stunning modernization and celebration of a timeless classic. 

The Hanami Hanafuda Deck was designed as 13 tetraptychs, creating a unique floral scene for each month. 

What is hanafuda? Hanafuda are floral-themed pip-less playing cards, popular in Japan, Korea, and Hawaii. Hanafuda decks have 12 suits. Each suit is represented by a month of the year and each month is represented by a flower. Hanafuda can be used to play numerous games, including traditional classics such as Koi-Koi, Hachi-Hachi (88), Go-Stop, and many more. 

Hanami Hanafuda is a poker-sized pip-less deck that features full-bleed illustrations. 

Hanami Hanafuda Deck Features:

  • 54 uniquely illustrated cards
  • 100% custom artwork
  • Hanafuda format (48 cards + 6 Jokers)
  • Standard poker size (2.5" x 3.5") (63mm x 88mm)
  • Artwork forms 13 tetraptychs (connected sets of four)
  • Printed by Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC) on Emerald Finish
  • Gold foil stamped tuck box
  • Gold foil tuck box interior
  • First edition - limited edition of 1000
2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel C Costarell

So, I basically bought this as a collector, and also to eventually study it and learn more about it. This is Japanese Hanafuda. This is NOT a standard deck of playing cards. There are twelve suits (representing the twelve months of the year) and four cards in each suit. There are four additional cards featuring koi, and I don't know what they're for, as none of the reading I've done about Hanafuda has mentioned any extra cards or jokers or anything of that sort. I don't know if I will ever learn how to play "koi-koi" or any of the other Hanafuda games, but regardless, this deck deserves a place in my collection for being so unique.

EndersGame Reviewer
Not just a deck of cards, but a system of games with a rich heritage!

This deck is part of a project that created two decks, a Hanafuda deck for traditional Japanese/Korean games, and a Fusion deck that incorporates Western suit icons/indices. Both decks have a tuck box touched with gold foil for a completely lavish look, with a gold foil stamp and completely gold foil interior.

This is the Hanafuda deck, which is a special deck originating in Japan, and is used to play a whole lot of different games, including favorite classics like Koi-Koi (popular in Japan) and Go Stop (popular in Korea). Each suit has four cards and corresponds to a different month and features a different flower, e.g. January (Pine), and February (Plum). One of my favourite suits is for the month of August (Suzuki Grass), which has a spectacular and stunning picture with the backdrop of a colourful moon-filled sky. Koi were chosen for the card backs and Jokers, since koi are common symbols in Asian culture, and are considered to be positive symbols of prosperity and longevity, making these beautiful icons a natural fit for this deck.

Both the Hanami decks were produced by Legends Playing Card Company, using their Emerald Finish, with poker sized cards. Also look out for the 236 page rulebook produced by the same publisher, which gives rules for 37 different games playable with this deck. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

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