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Guard Oak Playing Cards USPCC

$99.99 USD
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Guard Oak Playing Cards USPCC

$99.99 USD

Guard Oak Playing Cards

This deck was only available thru the loyalty program and special promotions and is now sold-out.

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Хороший бонус

Редкая колода карт в качестве поощерительного бонуса. Кто успел получить повезло . На ebay обнаружил по цене 25€ .

Awesome Promo

This deck was sent to me via a promotion on this site. I was thrilled to get it! These things have an awesome feel to them. The design is pretty nice as well. I really enjoy the special promotions that PCDs offers!

Daniel Costarell
Something money can't buy!

For clarity I will begin by noting that I received this deck by way of a special promotion. At the time of writing this review (February 2019), it is not possible to actually purchase this deck from this website, it is given out only on a promotional basis. The symmetrical backs have a very simple but very nice design, featuring an oak / copper type coloration. The fronts of these cards have a background that is standard white, however, the deck is completely custom. Every card (including the two thru ten) features a custom font and custom pips. All aces have a center pip with a little bit of extra embellishment, but nothing that is overly ornate. The court cards are the absolute winner here, as the faces, coloration and attire are completely custom, and invoke a real renaissance feeling. In addition to the small letters and corner pips on the court cards, the opposite corners prominently feature an oversized suit pip that serves as part of the background for the court characters, and extends almost all the way to the edge of the card. The two identical jokers (one in red, one in black) are, in my opinion, the weak link of the deck. I felt that with court cards as beautiful as these, more could have been done with the jokers so that they sparked the same feelings that the court cards did. Also included are a double backer and a "queen of hearts to five of clubs" gaff card. My personal feeling and opinion on the jokers notwithstanding, this is a very nice deck!

My new favorite deck

Beautifully illustrated cards. I received my deck after ordering a complete set of the original NOCs. Had no idea what it was but man am I glad I have it now. The handling is quite possibly the best of any of my other decks. Definitely a proud part of my collection

EndersGame Reviewer
Great match for the Slate coloured Guard deck

Designed by Polish artist Artur Rajch, this deck is a companion to the Slate coloured Guard deck, but is an oak colour. The card backs have a slightly different design, but it's obvious that they are a set, and go well together. These have an ornate design that offers detail for those who inspect it closely, and yet doesn't distract too much when the deck is being used.

The court cards are inspired by standard courts, but offer a fresh take, with artistic designs that have minimalist colours yet fill up a good part of the cards. Especially noteworthy are the dual tones used for the pips. Two shades of colour are used for the over-sized custom pips on the cards themselves, as well as for the indices. All the Aces have a heavily customized look, not just the Ace of Spades

Two playful Jokers round out the deck, with artwork that has a clear link to traditional jesters, while still giving a very fresh feel. This deck also comes with two gaff cards, a double backer and a double facer, both of which are handy for magicians, as is the card reveal inside the box flap. Combining these with the gaffs from the Slate deck gives you a complete set of 4 different gaffs.

With quality printing from USPCC, this deck handles smoothly, while the cards themselves are a very crisp and pleasing looking white. It's extremely functional, despite the amount of customization, and is ideal for use in card games or card magic, and is especially good as set of two. - BGG reviewer EndersGame

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