Gook-Hwa Playing Cards JJPC

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Gook-Hwa means chrysanthemum in Korean. The designer of this card deck, Jun Yong Cho(also as known as Cheal) is an artist who expresses various flowers in classical beauty of Korea. 

He drew chrysanthemum in the way of oriental painting and digitized it with white oriental line pattern on black background. The symmetric chrysanthemums are filled with metallic gold ink to give a luxurious feeling. 

All the aces and jokers are designed with traditional Korean ink, brush textures and Chinese & Korean characters. The artist tried to give you an opportunity to feel of oriental beauty through his design. 

The Gook-Hwa Deck of Playing Cards is printed in limited quantity in Comfy finish by JJPC. JJPC is custom deck printing company for magicians, cardists and collectors. Cooperating with SHENZHEN WANGJING PRINTING.

2017 Release