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Gold Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards

$4.99 USD
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Gold Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards

$4.99 USD

Gold Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards

Add a touch of luxury to your card games and magic routines with the Gold Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards printed with metallic ink on card backs.

Rediscover the timeless charm of the classic Bicycle deck with these Rider Back Playing Cards. Perfect for magicians, card game enthusiasts, and collectors who appreciate the original Bicycle aesthetic.

Key Features:

- Metallic Ink: Card backs printed with metallic ink bring out the true luster of gold.

- Classic Tuck Design: Features the beloved traditional Bicycle tuck, bringing nostalgia and elegance to your card collection.

- Air Cushion Finish: Enjoy the unparalleled smoothness and durability with Bicycle's proprietary Air Cushion Finish, ensuring superior handling and longevity.

- Gaff Cards: A combination Ace of Clubs / Jack of Hearts Card and a 3 of Hearts / Queen of Hearts Card bring new possibilities to your magic routines.

Made in the USA.

Standard card faces. Includes 3 gaff cards & 1 joker.

Made by United States Playing Card Company. 

Please note: Orders of 10 or more decks will not be sent in PCD Cases.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mr. Opps
Can't Go Wrong

You just can't go wrong with any of the Rider Back colorways. They're all stylish, and there's something to fit every style. The gold deck is a handsome addition to the collection, and I love the gaffs included. While they're mandatory if you're trying to complete the whole set, these are a solid pickup even if you're just looking for a great deck of cards.

Joshua Deneau
So much fun

The colored Rider Back decks are an obvious must have to any Bicycle collector. I've been focused on other decks, always Bicycle, but I'm starting to build the colored decks collection, so I bought these and the yellow ones and I'm very amused and it's always cool to see the Rider Back in other colors.

Mine came with three gaff cards, one blank face, one double backer and a green/red back.

great color

working on collecting all the new colors for rider back cards. these are a great addition to any collection.

Robert Smith
Great cards

Love these cards I'm a fan of the USPCC. These cards are the best rider backs in my collection. I only wish I could find the use for the queen gaff card.

Another great twist on the standard...

Colors.... Gotta get them all!!!!

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