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Gold Bicycle Playing Cards

$11.99 USD
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Gold Bicycle Playing Cards

$11.99 USD

The Bicycle® Gold playing cards are the epitome of elegance and class.

Meticulously crafted, this beautiful, detailed deck is richly ornamented by Renaissance patterns.

The faces feature custom pips and suits of baroque influence, and the intricate backs that resemble gold foil, are printed in a deep gold metallic ink. The tuck box leatherette design adds a touch of luxury and excellence.

A premium deck, designed for the most discerning collectors, magicians, and players.

A limited edition of pure elegance and luxury printed by the United States Playing Card Company on high quality Bicycle stock, with magic finish and laced in gold metallic inks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

But yea, the Color on the backs does indeed chip. Nice collection addition tho

Pretty good

I bought a decent amount of playing cards lately and these are great looking. It has alot of gold on it and looks cool when you fan them. Good deck for 12 bucks.


I will say, I was hoping for more out of this deck. Not sure I enjoy the court design. They just don't appeal in the way I thought they would.

Terry McGhee
Horrible Disaster

I figured they had to at least be as good as a standard deck of Bikes, right? Wrong. The coloring is faded and awkward across the face of the cards and the black is about the only thing that is uniform about the deck. The pips and numbers, the courts, all just look and feel off. Like something you would get with a cheap knock-off deck of cards from a dollar store.

Daniel Costarell
The gold standard

I have to admit, I liked these a lot more than I thought I would! Even upon opening the package and flipping thru the cards, I went from "Oh, well these aren't anything special" to "Hmm, I actually like these"! The all gold backs with symmetrical black scroll work are a good start. All cards (two thru ten included) are completely custom, featuring white backgrounds with an almost indiscernible (but intricate, and nicely done) pattern, as well as a nice scroll work type gold border. All fonts and pips are custom, with the pips also displaying a nice elaborate scrolled pattern. Hearts and diamonds are colored red, while clubs and spades are colored gold. I like that the court cards are clearly derived from standard courts, but there is a touch of difference with the coloration, as the border blends into, and then transitions to the court itself. The jokers are nearly identical, the difference being they are a mirror image of one another. It's a silly jester playing an odd looking flute and wearing a checkered harlequin style outfit. All said, and silly jokers aside, this is a nice deck, and a good add to a collection.

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