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Gemini Playing Cards EPCC

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Gemini Playing Cards EPCC

A deck of poker-size playing cards, completely custom and illustrated. The choice of the name Gemini is based on the peculiarity of the court cards (JQK). 
"At first glance the figures of each card look perfectly symmetrical, but they are not. I depicted them as twins (Gemini in Latin), so you will be spotting differences when you look at the details." 
"I wanted to keep a classic feeling, medieval. The Aces are depicted as axes and the figures on the court cards interact with their own pip, which becomes part of the illustration. The pips (2 to 10) are big and they take a lot of space. I used an unconventional index, which is horizontal instead of vertical. I tested the deck; it is very readable and you can play with it, especially for Burraco." 
- Lorenzo, Stockholm17 
This is a fully custom deck of playing cards featuring:

  • Illustrated court cards (JQK)
  • Illustrated Jokers
  • Illustrated Aces, depicted as axes
  • Custom pips, bold and big
  • Unconventional index
  • One-way back design (for your card tricks)
  • Casino Grade Paper Stock
  • Durable Linen Classic Finish Coating
No ink on the tuckboxes. Only embossing and 2 hot foils. 
The tuckbox design features handmade calligraphy made by Calligraffiti ambassador Kark O'brien (a.k.a. 85Kobe) from England. The Latin is a portion of an ancient Roman text about astrology and zodiac signs (M. MANILII ASTRONOMICON LIBER SECUNDUS). 
"namque aries leo et arcitenens sociata trigona signa negant chelis foedus totique trigono quod gemini excipiunt fundens et aquarius undas. idque duplex ratio cogit verum esse ateri quod tria signa"

Customer Reviews

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EndersGame Reviewer
One of Stockholm17's very best decks

The name of this deck is based on the court cards, which look symmetrical at first glance, but have small differences that can be spotted when you examine the top and bottom halves of the cards more closely. Hence the name Gemini, which is the Latin word for "twin"! Also noteworthy is how the court cards are interacting with their pips. The rest of the deck conveys a classic, medieval feeling; the Aces are depicted as axes. The tuck box features amazing foil, and is one of the highlights of this deck. I just love the medieval style and look of this deck, and it has to be among the best from designer Stockholm17.

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