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Galaxy Gilded Playing Cards HCPC

$44.99 USD
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Galaxy Gilded Playing Cards HCPC

$44.99 USD

Galaxy Gilded Playing Cards

The Gilded Galaxy Playing Cards Limited to 200 with individually numbered seal.

Fully custom playing cards designed in the UK by Keshav Mongia. Originally designed 2017, production initiated in 2020 and finally available for purchase.

The tuck box
  • Unique custom ribbon design tuck box
  • Pull the ribbon and the cards come out
  • Numbered foil sticker seal
Design features
  • Unique custom ribbon design tuck box
  • Geometric artwork
  • Fully custom design
  • Custom pips
  • Circular custom pip layout
  • 4 distinctive colored suits
  • Bordered face card frames for interesting reverse fans
  • Extra cards designed to be implemented seamlessly into the deck
  • Reduced indices size for more interesting fans
  • Printed by Hanson Chien Production Co
  • Printed on the Super soft luxury stock
  • Printed using Hanson Chien's Legendary finish
The luxury stock needs breaking for perfect fans. A couple of springs or riffle shuffles should break them in nicely.

Please note there may be some light chipping on the corners of the gilding created due to the gilding process.

2022 Release

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