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Freedom Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD
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Freedom Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD

While Freedom Playing Cards is a fully customized deck, it still has some elements of a "traditional look." In other words, it is not overly stylized. This is done intentionally because the designer has a background as a magician, and most magicians perform with "normal" looking cards. For example, magicians and card players like court cards to reflect the proper color. With Freedom Playing Cards, court cards are stylized, with the Diamonds and Hearts being both red and black - Spades and Clubs, though, are all black. Just a touch of fun and Freedom.

  • 54 cards per deck (52 cards + 2 identical Jokers)
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Embossed (Air Cushion) Finish
  • Classic Stock
  • 2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Max Brand
I like em!

Great deck. Nice dark feel without being a full bleed black deck. Nice thin borders, and great handling. Small indices, and tiny corner pips. I really like that. Super simple tuck.

Allen Wen
Really Cool

Love all the design that went into this deck of cards. The small pips add to the vibe. My only complaint is that the white border on the backs is a little offset (one edge is thicker than the other).

Jet black silhouetted court cards and stylish card backs

This deck makes an immediate impression with a classy looking tuck box, a deep black being the prominent colour. Within ornate borders the focal point is the elegantly lettered "Freedom" title, which also appears on the side in Latin: Libertas.

The thematic idea is about the boldness resulting from no restrictions. A project by artist Bryan Nirattisai, it reflects something of his thinking as an artist, in his words: "Basically, I do whatever I want to do."

One of the most striking features is the stunning card back design. There's a strong central circular shape, which is given a sense of motion by two feathers on opposite sides. The simple black/white colour scheme accentuates the shapes and details.

The courts have a uniform style reminiscent of a paper cutting technique, with all characters depicted in a simple and stark jet black silhouette (besides red pips), which looks amazing.

Each pip incorporates small decorative white lines, which adds to the feel of customization. Pips and indices are all quite small, but have the advantage of displaying all the numbers and suits easily in fans.

Further customization lies in an elegant Ace of Spades, two matching Jokers, plus two basic gaff cards.

USPCC printing with the usual embossed air cushion style finish ensures quality and smooth handling. Sophisticated and stylish, this deck is equally at home in the hands of a collector, a cardist, a magician, or a card player. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

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