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Franken Deck v11 Playing Cards

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Franken Deck v11 Playing Cards

$19.99 USD
$9.99 USD

Franken Deck v11 Playing Cards

Some of our customers have created a game out of the sample cards we include in every order and making a mixed franken deck out of all of them. It is fun and challenging and no 2 decks are exactly the same.

Due to popular demand we have decided to create a batch of these decks for the customers who want one or just to have a bunch of sample cards to look over.

You will get 52 cards + 2 jokers from the decks in the picture. You will get a random tuck box and also PCD clear plastic box.  The cards are brand new except for the assembly part, which was not easy!

Please note that this deck is the 10th version and contains all different cards from the last version.

These usually sell out quickly so don't miss out!

Customer Reviews

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Joe DeLettera
Great name - Franken deck!

I've purchased two of these so far. Not at the same time. The price was right and I was curious about what the deck was comprised of. Interesting to see all the various backs and faces. Both decks had some of the same cards and that's expected but there were a lot of different ones also. I don't plan on using them for anything but they are Interesting.

Robert Ball
awesome deck

Love the mix of cards you get, plus it is great for doing magic tricks.

Christopher Wright
All good thankyou

All good thankyou

Very fun

Not sure if I'm going to keep this intact for playing or use some of the cards for art projects (*ducks flying tomatoes*). Definitely a fun overview.

John Emerson
A different Franken Deck!

I previously ordered a Franken Deck, all the same cards, but with different backs, which has its own possibilities. Frankenly, this one appeals more, being a complete deck with different backs.

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