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Fluid Art Orange Cardistry Playing Cards TCC

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Fluid Art Orange Cardistry Playing Cards TCC

Fluid Art Orange Playing Cards

Available in 2 editions, not sold as a set

Please note cardistry version of this deck is not a playable deck and only used for cardistry

This project is specially dedicated to all cardists, flourishers, and collectors.

There are two meanings behind the 'Fluid Art'. In English, the name embodies the flow and design which draws inspiration from fluid paintings. In Chinese means glittering and brilliant colors of light. We believe that this would cause your eyes to sparkle, not just figuratively, but also in reality.

In addition, we are also adhering to our pursuit of superb feel and handling. Using a brand-new process, that no matter the type of flourish and cardistry moves, the tactile feel and slickness of the cards all blend smoothly into one fluid motion.

Comes in two editions

The Standard edition and Cardistry edition share the same vibe and color scheme, however, that is where the similarities end. The tuck cases, back design, and card faces are different.

This sincerity of design has developed into two different unique aesthetics. One way to distinguish between them is by the patterns on the front of the tuck box. The front of the Standard edition depicts the four playing card pips, and the Cardistry edition depicts four squares.

Cardistry Edition

The Cardistry edition does not have pips on the faces, instead, it is replaced by a unified pattern.

The vortex-shaped spiraling center coupled with the two-toned corners creates a beautiful belt pattern when the cards are fanned, and elevates the coolness factor to its fullest. Exposing the dynamic beauty of your cardistry flourishes.

With neat and uniform card faces, these delicate details were specially tailored with the cardists in mind. The Fluid Art Playing Cards Cardistry edition can be described as: Trendy.

Standard Edition

The Standard edition adopts the standard card faces, retaining the standard Ace through King face design.

The eye-catching and visually striking combo of orange and blue complementary colors permeates every facet of the playing cards. With crisp narrow white borders and simple fresh design, the Fluid Art Playing Cards Standard edition can be defined as: Art.

Cardistry edition: 54 cards without numbers and pips

Standard Edition: 52 playing cards + 2 Jokers

  • Air cushion finish
  • Ultra-thin fluid stock
  • Printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company
  • Standard Poker size
  • Gilded tuck box
  • High-quality paper

2021 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Attractive and easy to use cardistry deck

I love the look of the design, really makes playing around with the deck feel more finessed than using any old deck you have lying around. Felt easier to use than other non-cardistry labeled decks! Would recommend.

A great deck for cardistry

This is a review of the cardistry edition of the deck. If you are into cardistry, this decks provides a wealth of color that definitely pops during flips, flicks, spins, and fans. Obviously not used for gameplay, but the streamlined design makes it highly usable for cardists anywhere!


The Fluid Art Orange Playing Cards printed by TCC is not really, typically my style. If you like the look of the design, grab a deck. Not terrible but not a favorite for sure.

Terry Quan

Fluid Arts quickly become one of my favourite deck from TCC. The back design is very popping and eye catching

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