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Float This! DVD with Gimmick

$29.99 USD
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Float This! DVD with Gimmick

$29.99 USD

Note from Will: This was the main trick I sold at fairs for many years as I worked to gear up the launch of PCD. I also used this trick in my close-up shows as a closer and consider it the strongest effect you can perform for lay audiences.

Starring Las Vegas Magician Will Roya - Includes the materials you need plus a full length DVD that shows you all the moves and more! 

Are you ready to float this!?

Professional Las Vegas magician Will Roya will show you how in a clear, concise and entertaining manner. With the special materials included to get you started with this DVD, you'll be taught step by step on how to accomplish miracles with ordinary ungimmicked objects. In this DVD, you will learn:

  • 3 methods to float a dollar including special guest Star Alexander's work on the ITR.
  • Floating a spinning card (any kind of card) and doing tricks like thru a hoop, between the legs and even around the body! Imagine being able to float your business card right before you hand it out!
  • Also Float This! with coins, pens, rings, soda cans, sun glasses and much more, even levitate yourself as seen on TV!
  • Bonus material includes: Will Roya preparing for a close-up show and live performance of Float This!

Running Time Approximately 80 minutes
Not Regionally Coded, Worldwide Playback.

Table of Contents:

Getting Started (with included materials)
Floating Dollar (3 methods plus using an ITR)
Tricks with a Card (any type of card can be used)
Spinning the Card
Hand to Hand
Thru a Hoop (even multiple times)
Between the Legs
Around the Body
Connecting Moves
Tricks with a Coin (any coin can be used)
            Spinning the Coin         
            Thru a Small Hoop
Tricks with a Pen & Ring
Rising Card
Floating Soda Can
Floating Sun Glasses
Bonus Material
          Balducci Self Levitation (as seen on TV by David Blaine)
Bonus Tips & Trouble Shooting
Close-Up Show Preparation
Close-Up Show Performance
Resource & Credits
Will’s Demo Reel
Other DVD Previews


Customer Reviews

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EndersGame Reviewer
Great gift idea for the budding magician

I picked up a few of these to give away as gifts for youngsters interested in magic. It includes everything they need: some wax, some `invisible' thread, and instructions and routines on the DVD. Given the incredible price, it's hard to go wrong.

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