Fifty Two Playing Cards USPCC

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Fifty Two Playing Cards

This deck has been designed for cardists, magicians and hobbyists alike. We stuck with a simplistic design to target all audiences.

When it comes to the design, there isn't much to speak about, and that is exactly the point. There is a two-way mirrored back design featuring twin logo's of the fifty two. Why fifty-two? Well if you have picked up a deck of playing cards ever, you will know there are only fifty two playing cards in a deck ( not including jokers and/or ad cards ). This number has become iconic to magicians, cardists and anyone who uses playing cards.

Further more, when you spread this deck of playing cards, a ribbon like design will show. This allows the elegance of the deck and simplicity to be amplified and allows this deck of playing cards to be different than any other. We decided to place the 52 on the top left corner and bottom right corner meaning when doing a thumb fan counter clockwise you will receive a nice artistic ribbon spreading along the whole deck.

Printed by USPCC on classic stock with traditional cut.

2020 Release

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