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Fibs White Playing Cards Cartamundi

$14.99 USD
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Fibs White Playing Cards Cartamundi

$14.99 USD

Want an incredible-looking fan? How about a card deck that dazzles the eyes when performing cardistry? You found it here! 

From LVCardistry, this version includes:

  • Upgraded Tuck with Premium Matte Stock
  • Hand-Numbered Gold Foil Stamped Seal

Only 1123 Produced

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Always been a fan of fractals, the golden mean, the Fibonacci sequence, anything math plus art, really. Also, I love cards. So these cards are perfection. Numbered tuck seal, high quality. These are just wondrous.

Jimmy Willis

WOw, these cards are amazing. I am shocked they didn't sell out when first released. The quality is amazing and one of my favorite decks so far. And you cannot beat them on sale @ $9.99

Mathias Aduke
Officially, the RAREST deck I own!

2,500 was the rarest deck I had, until I bought The Fibs. (1,123 Printed.)
Cartamundi B9, which you simply cannot go wrong with.
Next paycheck, if they’re still on sale, I will pick up 3-4 more.
I couldn’t be more of a fan of Mathematics, DiVinci, and this LineWork, making for the most beautiful fans and spreads, EVER, in the history of mankind. I cannot say enough positive wonderful things about this deck. SO glad to get it for $10, PLUS a “Mystery Box” with a Madison Confessions Deck included, for $5, and with shipping, still UNDER $20!!!! Incredible!

Regardless, whenever the price is right, and my deck budget is on point, there is nowhere I’d rather shop.

I’ve had 3 out of 4 FANTASTIC PERFECTION experiences, thus far. That’s a quality ratio/percentage for me. I want the Black Fibs now, too.
I’ve gotten my girlfriend in on it, and another one of my buddies, as well. So, I’m hoping to go in on a PipBox Prescription or something, between the 3 of us. That’d be lovely.
I do also VERY much enjoy the sample cards, sent with every purchase, even if I’m not sure what they are! It’s still a joy, to receive random gifts with every purchase. How can you go wrong!?

Will Roya is THE Man!!!!!

He should win awards for his thoroughness and quality customer service.

Maybe I will make him a trophy....?

Buy these decks!
Just not before I get my next batch, please!

Best to all!

Best in general.

Best, Best, Best,

-Mathias Aduke


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