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Feather Goldfinch Playing Cards Cartamundi

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Feather Goldfinch Playing Cards Cartamundi

Feather Goldfinch Playing Cards

Available in 2 editions, not sold as a set

The Feather Deck is an elegant tribute to the astounding natural beauty of the world that surrounds us. With each shuffle, cut or fan, it reminds you that true beauty can be found in the simplest of places-like a bird's feather.

This special custom deck of cards is the result of a nearly year-long collaboration between Vanishing Inc. Playing Cards and Brooklyn-based artist and illustrator Travis DeMello. Known for his intricate anatomy drawings, Travis has an astounding commitment to detail that comes alive in the breathtaking hand-drawn illustrations found throughout the deck. As you examine the level of detail included in the imagery down to the bristles on the feather, you will find yourself struggling to believe that these are NOT photo renderings.

With its timeless look and symmetrical shape, the goldfinch feather was the perfect choice for this stylish deck. Combined with the gold foiling that has been subtly infused into the card backs, this feather catches the light perfectly to delicately glisten in your hands.

While "The Feather Dec" is clearly fit to be the centerpiece of any collection, it's also designed with magicians and card game players in mind. That's why Vanishing Inc. chose to have Cartamundi print these playing cards on their unbelievably soft and supple crushed stock to give them a truly unparalleled handling and feel.

Grab "The Feather Deck" now in two amazing versions: the gorgeous Gold Edition with a stylish purple box and pastel orange back design and the stunning Teal Edition which has vibrant teal backs and comes tucked into a bold navy blue box.

  • Printed by Cartamundi
  • Slimline stock
  • B9 finish
  • Custom faces - including face cards holding feathers
  • Custom back wit intricate foil embossing so they shimmer when held
  • Includes a blank face and double backed card
  • Custom tuck box. Foil embossed and made of luxurious textured cardboard.
  • Custom seal
  • Available in two styles: Gold Edition (purple box) and Teal Edition (blue box)
  • 2021 Release

Customer Reviews

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Quite an elegant deck

I got the Feather deck on a whim, and couldn't be more impressed by it. The back design is simple but immaculately presented with excellent color choices and a light, but striking usage of gold foil. The feather motif is beautiful and is found in wonderful ways throughout the deck and tuck. The pips are fairly straightforward, but do have a personal favorite effect of mine: single pips colored differently than the others around it. Handling is excellent as to be expected from Cartamundi's B9.

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