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Faro Vintage Playing Cards USPCC

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Faro Vintage Playing Cards USPCC

Faro Vintage Playing Cards

Sold as a set, individually and uncut sheets

These reproduction decks are based off the Squared Faro #366 which was first produced by Russell & Morgan Co. in 1887 to supply gambling casinos. Faro was the most popular gambling game at that time.

It has been digitally recreated to accurately represent the artwork on the deck but on a modern USPCC printed deck with rounded corners.

The court cards are full-length figures which contain many of the idiosyncratic features associated with designs re-copied from the woodblock era.

These decks would be a great practical prop for any themed wild west parties or to use in gambling magic routines. Superb looks and handling!

  • Printed by USPCC on Classic Stock
  • Poker Size
  • Traditional Cut
  • Embossed Finish
  • Full Bleed “Snowflake” Design Back
  • 52 Cards + 2 Jokers
  • Extra Simple Ace & Double Back
  • Replica Tax Stamp Seal
  • Gold Metallic Ink on Box
  • Limited Edition of 2,000 (Each Color)
  • Illustrated by Azured Ox
  • Produced by Will Roya
  • 2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Vovka Morkovka
Старинная колода

Хорошее воспроизведение старинных карт , главное что в хорошем качестве стандарта покер.
Не фанат старинных карт , получил эту колоду в подарок !

Matt F.
Pleasantly surprised

I got this as a free gift on my latest order and what can I say? These cards look nice, handle well and I love the art on them.

Magilla Shuwall
Best of Old and New

Historical cards with no indexes are getting harder to find. Some manufacturers take the period thing too far, with square corners and washed out printing that would just get beaten up in the course of play. On this deck the printing is very crisp. Being from USPCC, these are printed on the air-cushioned thin stock of the standard Rider Back. The best thing about this deck is the court cards. It's funny how the older versions of courts look like a cubist interpretation of the standard ones, or something off the Bayeaux Tapestry. Very cool!

chris clark
Red deck was a nice surprise

thanks to the generous souls at PCD, I got the red deck as gift in my latest shipment. I already had the blue deck and simply adore the vintage design. Simple, elegant and fun to play with.

Red deck.

Nice deck - historical and different that there are no numbers on the cards. I also have the blue which seem more subdued than red, but still a nice historic deck.

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