Explorer Gilded Playing Cards USPCC

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Explorer Gilded Playing Cards

Limited edition of 100 with numbered tuck seals.

Have you ever dreamed of exploring planets far far away from our solar system? If you have ever wondered what it would be like to peacefully roam around magnificent unknown worlds, the Explorer playing cards are the right choice for you. This new deck takes you on a journey into the whimsical world of a planet on which the characters have just landed with their space shuttle. Immerse yourself into the calming purple hues, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

The back of the cards features the character that was presented at the top of the box in a lovely symmetrical design, embellished with a glowing crescent moon. Just like the box itself, the backs of the cards are designed in the matching purple color scale, while the main character is drawn in cool blue.

On first glance, the court cards consist of silhouettes of kings, queens and jacks occupying a bigger part of the cards. However, upon a closer look, each of the silhouettes is, in fact, a window into a different narrative. With each of the cards, you get to discover a new character and their thrilling adventure in the outer space. The court cards vary from the calming hues of purple into the fiery orange and red tones.

The number cards keep a classic design to balance out the many details of the court cards. You can find the numbers and suit signs in two colours as well, purple and deep red.

The aces follow a similar design to the court cards, featuring a silhouette of a particular suit with a vista of a space shuttle flying through open space behind it.

The two joker cards offer a simple image of the spaceship that can be found hidden on many of the other cards as well. Are you brave enough to take it to the outer space? The Explorer deck with its neat and attractive design is truly an adventure worth embarking on.

Explorer Playing Card will be printed by United States Playing Card Company, AIR CUSHION Finish with the legendary BEE CASINO STOCK. 

2020 Release

From the artist:

My name is David and I'm a graphic designer/illustrator. Over the past 5 years I have worked towards finding my own style. With many trends coming and going, it's hard to decide what medium to stick with. I didn't realize how much I loved illustration until I picked up an iPad late 2018. Since then I've been working towards changing and perfecting my style. At the time, I had been building up a following of 20,000 people who followed me for logo design. It was a tough decision to switch to illustration. 

Since then I've been fortunate enough to keep those loyal followers, work with new partners, and doubled my size to 50,000 on Instagram. I am very fortunate to have a core audience who enjoys my work. The Explorer Deck is a very special deck, it will be the first time my work will be distributed at a large scale. A piece of my artwork for everybody to own and appreciate. This deck will be the start of many more projects like this to come.

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