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Eternal Reign Playing Cards TWPCC

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Eternal Reign Playing Cards TWPCC

Eternal Reign Playing Cards

Available in 2 editions, not sold as a set

Welcome to the realms of kings and queens, the territory of the proud and brave. This new deck drops you right in the middle of a medieval kingdom, which is held under the eternal reign of four royal families, one for each suit. Designed by Dhamas Adhitya.

  • Two Editions: Ruby Empire & Sapphire Kingdom
  • Limited to 2000 Decks each
  • Each deck comes with Numbered Seal
  • Featuring 2 different Foils on the front and back of the Tuck Case
  • Fully Customized number, court, ace and joker cards.
  • Premium 300gsm matte finish tuck case with embossing

The deck comes in two versions, one of them takes you on a quest to the Ruby Empire, and the other one straight to the Sapphire Kingdom, the kingdom of the dead. These opposing forces are reflected right on the top of the decks. If you place them side-by-side, you will see that the king of the Ruby Empire and the skeleton ruler of the Sapphire kingdom gaze at each other, as if challenging each other to an epic battle.

A wonderful tapestry of ornamental motives stretches across the whole surface of the premium 300gsm matte box. The filigree is accentuated by Gold Foil and Red/Blue Foil, on burgundy or navy-blue background with embossed details. Both the foil and the paper of the box were crafted in the USA.

The front of the box consists of an elaborate design, with a skull of a king still proudly carrying a crown at the center of it. He is encircled by medieval floral motives, among which the images of royal lions, snakes, swords, or goblets are discernible. At the top of the panel, the name of the deck is written in large letters.

The back of the box does not fall behind with its design. It features a symmetrical design of two impaled skulls guarded by crowned lions. The four corners are adorned by images of a hand holding an ornamental goblet.

When you open the box, you might be surprised to find, that the inner walls hide a little secret. The inside of the box hides an ancient parlour with large ceilings and tall columns. There, right in front of the dusty throne, the king touches his goblet to the goblet of his afterlife counterpart. Seeing the king’s intense gaze, one can only wonder what story is about to unfold.

The backs of the cards mimic the design of the back of the box, lined with a classic white frame. The design lets us appreciate the many regal symbols intertwined with each other. The central axis is formed by a symmetrical drawing of two swords, driving right through the top of a skull.

A golden sun shines from behind this image and seems to illuminate the four crowned lions standing on their back legs, as often depicted in medieval art. They hold a golden scroll, reading “Eternal Reign”.

The pattern is balanced by four circles, one in each corner, showing the king’s hand holding the goblet. When you look closer, you might notice that one of the hands is devoid of flesh, clearly belonging to the skeleton king.

The court cards seem to represent four different kingdoms, divided by different suits. While the red suits - hearts and diamonds - depict living kings and queens, clubs and diamonds in black show the two underworld kingdoms reigned by the royalty’s spooky counterparts. However, living or dead, they are all beautifully clothed in attire that equally fancy as it is ready for battle.

Inspecting the cards, one might notice that the Queen of Hearts wear heart earrings and holds a scepter with a large heart-shaped jewel, while the Queen of Clubs keeps herself cool with a fan adorned with a dainty club pattern.

Many clever details are hidden on each card, which makes this deck a true collectors' pleasure.

The number cards have a classic sleek appearance with a couple of tweaks. While the numbers are written in an elegant swirling font, the images of the suits display small imperfections, giving them an appearance of being imprinted with a medieval stamp on parchment paper.

Similarly, the design of the Aces seems to be stamped on the surface, the fresh ink leaking slightly onto its surroundings. The complicated design consists of swirling wave-like ornaments forming the shape of a spade.

Ace of Spade flows around a large golden trident, stretching to the top of the spade. An ancient scroll unfolded across the picture reminds us of the name of the deck.

The Jokers might be the most symbolic cards of the whole deck. They are made up of two Jokers mirroring each other, both wearing masks over their faces. The top Joker, dressed in red, represents the kingdom of the living. The bottom Joker, wearing an icy blue dress and a clown hat might seem just the same on the first glance, but upon closer inspection, the mask hides a deadly smile of a skull.

Come and play, if you dare!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A set worth having both versions for

I will have to admit that I had to procure the Sapphire Kingdom from another source, but I picked up the Ruby Empire first. I realized that having both versions truly spoke to me as they offer enough variance from each other, unlike some other decks that come in different visual versions. Even if you can't obtain both versions, having one deck alone is still a wonderful piece of intricate art for those that appreciate such aesthetic.

Great Deck

The Eternal Reign Playing Cards by TWPCC are done very well. The tuck cases are very elaborate and art is amazing. Definitely worth grabbing!

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