Esther Star Deluxe 2 Deck Set (Classic & Deluxe) Playing Cards USPCC

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Esther Star Playing Cards

In the stillness of the night, when you look up at the starry sky, you will find that countless stars illuminate the entire galaxy. Only at this time will we realize that human beings are so small. Although the stars are not as dazzling as the sun and the moon, they symbolize the most precious qualities of mankind: loyalty and firmness.

The overall green design is more visually comfortable, and green also symbolizes new life and hope, just like every unknown planet. Maybe on every planet there will exist vitality and expectations, and this card is also a new life and ideas in the cardistry design.

The role on the card back has also been replaced by the protagonist of this deck of cards - the stars. The combination of stars and orbits, just like the inherent laws in the universe, keeps running. Just like the merits of each of us, there is an infinite radiance around the stars.

In view of the overall beauty of the playing cards, the original black color on Spades & Clubs has been replaced by the green one, which improves the integrity of the work. While continuing the gorgeous appearance of the series, it seems that the Esther Star Playing Cards have been added the soul with an inherent introverted quality, constantly telling you the secrets of the deep space.

2018 Release

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