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EPHEMERID v2 Gold & Copper Playing Cards 2 Deck Set NPCC

$39.99 USD
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EPHEMERID v2 Gold & Copper Playing Cards 2 Deck Set NPCC

$39.99 USD

EPHEMERID v2 Gold & Copper Playing Cards 2 Deck Set

From creator Mr. Cup:

EPHEMERA: any items such as tickets or cards that were originally meant to be discarded after use but have since become collectibles. / EPHEMERIDE: French name of a paper calendar that gave you daily information all over the year.

From this idea and my collection of Ephemera over the years, I get the idea of the EPHEMERID playing cards: each card comes with a unique design based of my thousands of hand-letters, invoices, bills, tickets, and photos!

The tuck cases are printed with letterpress printing by Studio Pression in France. We us a copper plate which makes amazing details. During the process of printing the first edition, we took time to do some test of hot foil printing and paper colors, that bring me the idea of this new edition.

The card are printed by Noir Arts NPCC who already print the first edition. After the tuck cases are printed in France, they are sent to them and the finalize it with a seal.

As a dyslexic kid, it was always complicated for me to make the difference between the hearts and diamonds, and between the spades and clubs. So the contrast between them will be more obvious like this.

I am also ambidextrous and I hold my cards like a left-handed ! Which means I do not see the numbers when they are only on 2 corners!

Not only the tucks cases will be different, but also the cards colors. 

2021 Release

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