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ENIGMAS Puzzle Hunt Playing Cards USPCC

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ENIGMAS Puzzle Hunt Playing Cards USPCC

ENIGMAS Puzzle Hunt Playing Cards

Available in blue & red, not sold as a set

ENIGMAS Puzzle Hunt Playing Cards are a uniquely designed deck that includes four very special cards, each with its own puzzle for you to solve. Solving all four puzzles will unlock an incredible, multilayered, eight-step puzzle hunt. Combine answers from every puzzle you've solved along the way and you will reveal the final, meta-puzzle answer. A true puzzler's paradise!

In addition to the four puzzle cards, there are also codes hidden in various design element throughout the back artwork. Enigmas were printed by The US Playing Card Company.

The blue edition tuck boxes are printed on Rhino Grey vellum paper stock with Pantone inks and spot UV.

The same cards and puzzles as the Blue ENIGMAS however with a brand new color scheme and housed in a beautifully crafted, specially designed tuck box complete with premium vellum paper stocks, Pantone ink, silver foil, an extra layer of embossing and a very special die-cutting revealing part of the playing cards back design.

Customer Reviews

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Great deck with some great puzzles

This deck (the red one in my case) is wonderfully designed and manufactured. The red tuck has a cool set of two die cut windows that allow the card backs to integrate to the tuck art. The cards themselves are elegant, but not overdone. The puzzles, ah the puzzles! They are engaging and quite diverting for a time. What a great idea! Have a night of card games and puzzles with people around a table! Share a meal, some drinks, and a great level of comraderie or competition.

chris kinkead

time to put the thinking cap on! the four puzzle cards will have you guessing for hours! I'm ready to solve them all!

Fantastic Puzzle Cards

I'm a fan of cards that integrate a puzzle element to them. It creates a sense of wonder and merriment. Created by David Kwong (magician and puzzle creator), this deck does not disappoint. The cards handle fantastically and has a really cool design that highlights Kwong's personality. The puzzles are challenging, yet fair and require a good amount of puzzle solving ability. I highly recommend this deck!


Do you like Puzzles? Do you like playing cards? Perfect! You should definitely take a look at the ENIGMAS puzzle hut playing cards printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

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