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Empire Bloodlines Playing Cards USPCC

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Empire Bloodlines Playing Cards USPCC

Empire Bloodlines Playing Cards

Not sold as a set, available in 2 colors

Greatness runs within. 

Inspired by a legendary age, where great honor and victory were won on the battlefield. In Emerald Green, the Bloodlines is the latest iconic deck in the Empire Series from Kings & Crooks. Designed by Lee McKenzie, it's a fearless deck that kicks dirt in the face of the playing card norm. It's also the daring successor to our treasured, ultra-rare and highly coveted Empire Playing Cards. 

No detail is left untouched. From the epic and ornate engraved-style backs and striking custom-illustrated court cards, to the elegant, completely re-imagined pip design and iconic Ace of Spades. A courageous, custom-illustrated deck with powerful story-telling design guarded edge-to-edge by its pioneering signature Empire band. 

Shielded in a velvet-soft, pure white case and adorned with a bold, precision-embossed wrap around design, the box itself is a beauty to behold. Crowned with glistening silver foil accents and a custom closure seal, the Empire Bloodlines is made for those who know that greatness is achieved by choice, not chance. 

Printed by the United States Playing Card Co. on FSC-certified, premium quality casino grade stock. They're tough. Lasting. With a superior quality finish for high performance handling combined with a traditional cut, they are the preferred choice for expert card handlers. They'll stand up to a beating better than most. 

A commanding blend of beauty and boldness in every card, the Empire Bloodlines tells a story of courage and inspiring greatness. Breath-taking playing cards with a brave mission, they dare you to look within, step out of line, and build your own Empire. It's in your blood. 

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bobby Vaughan

I got the green because he blue was sold out but I was not disappointed in the slightest! This deck is very “showy” and I love this about them! I haven’t played with them and probably never will they are just too beautiful!

Scott Matthews
Amazing feel, cool designs

I LOVE the feel of this deck. I got the Emerald version, which turned out to be way more impressive than I thought it'd be. The stock and finish are fantastic, perfect for all kinds of magic and cardistry. Hands down one of the best-feeling decks I own - and they've only gotten better the more I've broken them in. My ONLY complaint at all (if you can call it that) is that there's not as much contrast between the fronts and backs of the cards, especially the court cards. They are both very ornamental, with identical color schemes. That said, I love the designs on all the cards, front and back. They're attractive to look at, and capture the attention of all spectators from the minute they're removed from the box. I'd love to see more variations of this deck made, with different color schemes. I'd get them all. I recommend this deck to anyone, from a novice to a pro.

Classy deck

This is a great deck. Very classy looking. Colors are done very well too. Little bit of green and black on white.

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