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Emperor Marked Playing Cards EPCC

$14.99 USD
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Emperor Marked Playing Cards EPCC

$14.99 USD

Emperor Marked Playing Cards

Available for the first time ever (and last time ever), a limited special version of Emperor playing cards that are secretly marked. They look identical to the regular cards which came out recently, except with TWO secrets built into them. They will never be reprinted, I didn't even think we'd get any.


1. A super secret one-way marking that you can see JUST BY SPREADING THE CARDS, so that you will know if a card (or cards) are turned the other way. Limitless possibilities with this one secret alone. Have a card chosen, secretly turn the deck before it's returned, you're in business. This is way better than having a one-way mark somewhere in the middle of a card. You can literally just spread the cards and know where a chosen card is.

2. A clever card-identity marking system so you will know what any card is just by seeing its back. This is of course super powerful and should only be used for entertainment purposes only!!  Download the guide here.

You can combine these with the original decks, or simply use the marked version. The clever markings are difficult to accidentally discover if you don't know what to look for.

The Emperor Deck is a custom deck of playing cards conceived by Kevin Reylek, designed by world-renowned artist Mark Stutzman (Split Spades, Whispering Imps) and produced by Penguin Magic with printing by the Expert Playing Card Company.

When we decided to create a timeless deck that represents our brand at Penguin, we knew there were only a few must-haves. First, it had to be the EMPEROR. The most majestic of all penguins, the emperor penguin has a distinct, classic, and iconic look.

Our other must-have was a world-class artist. We sought out none other than Mark Stutzman to tackle the job. Mark has designed playing cards and posters for David Blaine, and even designed the iconic Elvis stamp for the US postal service. We couldn't be more delighted with the amazing work that Mark has done on this deck of cards.


The back design is the most intricate we've ever produced. Meticulously illustrated, the design features penguins galore.

We have sliding penguins, marching penguins, and our featured performer penguin to give a nod to the deck's magical roots.

Snowflakes and detailed scrollwork complete the look. The back design is rotationally symmetrical so it can be used for magic tricks, card games, and more.


The most powerful penguins for the most powerful card in the deck. Our custom Ace of Spades is simply beautiful. It features two penguins rising up from the icy waters, the tips of their beaks meeting at the apex. To say that we LOVE this design is an understatement.


Our joker is represented by the delightful rockhopper penguin. The feather crests on a rockhopper's head give it a jester-like quality that we knew would be the perfect fit for the joker. Impeccably illustrated by Mr. Stutzman, this is a joker that you won't want to leave out of the deck. Each deck has 2 identical joker cards.


Beautiful cards deserve a beautiful box. The front of the box features a modified and more ornately decorated version of the performer penguin. Standing in the night sky surrounded by icy mountains, he is standing proud, declaring to the world that he is the EMPEROR.

The back of the box features the design of the card back at actual size. This is a classic touch that we know will be especially appreciated by card magicians.

The box is topped off with a foil seal that features our Emperor Spade design. The Unmarked Decks have a Silver foil seal, the Marked decks have a Gold foil seal. The Special Edition Decks (Only available in the 2-deck Collector's Set) have an individually-numbered Silver foil seal.


The Emperor deck has been printed to perfection by the Expert Playing Card Company on a classic stock & finish. This is the same quality we have used on our Woodlands and Composition Decks, which feel terrific and offer ultra smooth handling. Expert is known for delivering precise registration, which is a MUST for a design with borders as thin as the ones on Emperor. The silky edges are a delight to hold whether you're a faro-shuffling magician, a quick-cutting cardist, or an at-home game player.

•Designed by Mark Stutzman
•Gorgeous custom Back design & Ace of Spades
•Duplicate custom Jokers
•Custom Tuck Box with foil seal
•Printed by EPCC with Classic stock/finish

2020 Release

Customer Reviews

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My favorite

This is my favorite marked deck. The marking system is easy to read but almost impossible to figure out if you are not familiar with it. Grab them if you can find them.


The Emperor Marked Playing Cards EPCC are one of the coolest decks out there! Love it and would recommend it highly!

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