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Elemental Master Green Playing Cards TWPCC

$19.99 USD
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Elemental Master Green Playing Cards TWPCC

$19.99 USD

Elemental Master Green Playing Cards

About the design 

This entire deck is based on a geometrical crystal design. Its rich functionality, divination, astrological signs, etc. is chosen to be the theme of the deck, which is mysterious and elegant. 

Tuck Box 

It has a side-loading tuck and is made up of beautiful geometrical blocks and a green nebula, with a futuristic circuit board. The side has the name of the deck, "Elemental Master", and the overall design creates a sense of mystery. 

Back design 

The nebula pattern superimposes the white lines, reinforcing the magical attributes of the entire deck. You can read one of the six ESP symbols and twelve astrological signs that can be used for predictions through the back of the card. 

The subtle differences on the back of each card allow the user to read the suits and value of the card. 


100% custom face, including multiple elements that are perfect for your routines. Although different, they are unified in a creative style, which makes the face of the cards look elegant. 

The Court cards are also different from the traditional Court cards and have been redesigned in conjunction with the theme of astrological signs and ESP. Twelve Court cards match the twelve astrological signs as well as the ESP symbols. An additional ad card with the name and date of the twelve astrological signs is also included. 

It is worth mentioning that many patterns can also form a complete movie, making your magic more beautiful and meaningful. This adds value to your repertoire. 

Multiple functions 

Elemental Master is a super-powerful deck, and the routine's value is only limited by your imagination! 

Combines an innovative marking system with a groundbreaking design and rich elements to make it a versatile tool. 

Marking System 

The back of the card comes with a unique marking system that is concealed well, yet easy to read. You can know the value and suits of the cards instantly without pulling the entire card out from the table spread. Besides that, the astrological signs and ESP pattern on the face can be known through the mark, which is not only convenient to use during performances but also extremely practical in your routine. 

Psychological Force 

The psychological force is the cleanest and the most practical force that magicians can use. 

With a psychological force that combines psychology and statistics, the audience can think of anything randomly, and you will know it. In this deck, there are more than 4 themes for psychological forces, including Historical sites, tools, cutlery, and daily necessities, which not only facilitate the magician's use in prediction routines but also mind reading. For example, the spectator merely randomly thinks of a tool, and when he turns over the top card, it is "the hammer" that he thought of. 


Numerous elements can be freely combined, such as the combination of ships, icebergs, the Statue of Liberty, ladies and paintings symbolizing the classic movie -- Titanic. The card case also hides the shadow of the ship, which also symbolizes JACK and the ship finally sinking into the sea. 

In addition, the zebra, the hyena, the orangutan, and the tiger can also form a complete story -- such as Life of Pi. 

Some Great Features: 

Uses themes and elements from divination, astrological signs and so on, mysterious and elegant. 

100% custom face includes 4 psychological force themes, ESP elements, astrological sign elements, and movie elements. 

The innovative marking system is concealed well, yet easy to read. The value and suit of cards, ESP patterns, and astrological signs can be easily read by the markings on the back. 

Includes a complete instruction manual, containing 4 hidden bonuses. 

Color (Green/Red) 

The biggest difference between the two versions is the design of the pips. 

Something You Would Be Interested In: 

1. The design is based on the rare theme of divination and astrological signs, with elegance and mystery. 

2. Combining ESP and astrological sign elements into the back and face design has never been done before. Also, the corresponding ESP pattern can be read by the markings on the back. 

3. The deck contains lots of super magical functions (including the marking system, prediction, 8 themes of psychological force, etc.). 

4. Also includes 4 hidden bonuses that are for you to explore. 

5.Includes a complete instruction manual. 

6. Produced by TWPCC, using the latest ink and German black core paper, neat trimming and excellent handling. 

7. Each card is designed separately, with a limited quantity of 1,000.

2019 Release

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