Elegance Emerald Bicycle Playing Cards Deck

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The Bicycle Elegance deck is one of the highest quality decks ever created. Pure"elegance" and detail printed on Bee Stock by USPCC 

·  Printing by the United States Playing Card Company 

·  56 Playing Cards printed on quality Bee Stock - Cambric Finish 

·  100% Custom Face Cards, Court Cards, Jokers and Tuck-Box Each card printed front and back with deep gold metallic ink. 

·  Embossed Tuck Box made with highly reflective gold foil and metallic inks. 

·  Includes 1 Gaff Card and 1 Joker with a reveal. 

·  Custom Gold Foil Deck Seal 

·  Limited edition of 2500 decks - Never to be re-printed again 

* Bee playing cards have been the industry standard for over a century. The most popular deck used in casinos in Las Vegas to Macau, Bee cards are internationally respected as a perfect mix of form and function. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company