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Edo Karuta Shogun Black Deluxe Playing Cards USPCC

$29.99 USD
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Edo Karuta Shogun Black Deluxe Playing Cards USPCC

$29.99 USD

Edo Karuta Shogun Black Deluxe Playing Cards

Edo Karuta Playing Cards explore something different - street graffiti. Flagrant Agenda started off with interested in street culture, particularly graffiti and how it can be use as an medium to make a point.

The aesthetic mainstay of Edo Karuta is the ubiquitous Edomoji, Japanese typographic and lettering styles that were invented and vastly popular during the Edo period. They are primarily used for advertising and branding in the various trades that sprung up during the prosperous epoch before the advent of modern Japan. You can still see many traditional Japanese brands using Edomoji in their marketing efforts. Walk by any Japanese restaurants and you will bound to see banners with Edomoji written on them. In Edo Karuta,these typographical elements are superimposed onto each other to make up interesting and visually arresting motifs, the signature style of our designer (MILTZ) that we saw in his Shibuya Bluffiti project. You Can see these representations most clearly in our card backs.

The Edo period of Japan was chosen, or shall we say, fallen upon us as the thematic mainstay of Edo Karuta. Edo period can be considered the golden age of pre-industrial Japan. The Pax Tokugawa that was enabled by the unification of Japan by the Tokugawa Shogunate allowed for unprecedented economic growth as well as the flourishing of arts and other cultural pursuits. However, the Edo period was also characterized by isolationist outlook and the cementing of strict societal hierarchy that lead to what some say as a general slowdown of industrialization. The Edo Period ended with the arrival of the external powers that the Tokugawa regime cannot resist which lead to a modernization spur.

The aesthetic and thematic mainstay bring us back one full circle in terms of change. Edomoji symbolizes the merchant class, the beneficiary of the Pax Tokugawa and the catalyst for change due to the upset of the social order - on the surface of the system, all is rosy but change is already set in motion by the actions within the system. Alas, the last straw usually comes from outside the system, in this case, black ships appearing over the horizon.

EDO KARUTA features:

  • Printed by United States Playing Card Company
  • Traditional cut and magic finish
  • Custom letter pressed tuck case with special foiled deck sleeve, crafted in Hong Kong.

2021 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect blend with Japanese theme

This Edo Karuto Deluxe edition deck is absolutely beautiful. It's amazing the detail that was embedded not just into the cards, but into the tuck case as well that really takes this deck to another level. The theme highlights feudal Japan and showcases samurai as well as Japanese architecture and countryside. This is a collector's dream and I would recommended getting ahold of this deck before it's too late!

Cool tuck with great quality cards

Edo Karuta is a great themed deck depicting the calligraphic style of the the Edo period in Japan. This particular style of calligraphy has such an impact, it can still be seen today in many advertisements and the like. The cards handle well as to be expected from a Bicycle/USPCC deck. The artwork on the faces is stunning and well done, with all aspects being fully custom. The pips, indices, and courts are all reflective of the Edomoji style. The tuck is a two-piece affair with the external shell sliding off and revealing the underlying stereotypical Japanese art design. The shell itself features what could be considered a fairly typical artistic representation of Japanese castle building. The tuck itself is a side opening tuck with a seal that depicts the Edomoji font, once again. For Japanese culture and art fans, this is a no brainer!


The Edo Karuta Shogun Black Deluxe Playing Cards printed by the United States Playing Cards are well done and look great.

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