Dystopia Playing Cards USPCC

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Dystopia Playing Cards

Dystopia Playing Cards are a disturbed tribute to Australian filmmaker legend George Miller and his apocalyptic masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road. 

The Joker and the Thief have taken a deadly descent into the apocalypse. We welcome you to a world of fire and rage. Will you survive the wasteland? 

Featuring insane artwork by artist Pedro Oyarbide, each court card has its own distinct, unhinged persona. Our Ace of Spades is bold and brash, much like the v8 engines it represents. The back design issues a harrowing message: "Good Luck. Good Bye." 

Dystopia Playing Cards has distinct attitude that is only ever truly achieved by the Joker and the Thief Playing Card Company. Rocking a specialty letter-pressed tuck case complete with bitchin' red, white, and gold foils, Dystopia Playing Cards is bound to find a place in your collection! 

Win your poker games in style. Practice cardistry with attitude. Perform magic with presence. Made in the USA.

100% Custom Pips and Fonts - Distressed and Weathered

100% Custom Court Cards and Art Work

Tuck Case Manufactured by letterpress company Clove St. Press in San Diego, California, USA

Premium Quality Black Dyed Paper Imported from Germany for Tuck Case

Heavy Embossing

Hot Gold, White and Red Foil Stamping - Interior and Exterior

Ripped Look Perforated Custom Seal

Printed by USPCC - Made in America!

Traditionally Cut for Smooth Edges and Superior Handling

Crush Paper Stock

Metallic Inks

2017 Release

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