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Dragonlord Bicycle Playing Cards

$12.99 USD
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Dragonlord Bicycle Playing Cards

$12.99 USD

TCC and Sam's original design is based on the tradition of the Chinese culture: the Dragon. This theme, supplemented by its modern style and intricate design, is embodied incisively and vividly in the card box. The cards are dominated by mottled black and white, representing the long history and the precipitation of wind and frost, as well as the meaning of blessing. Each card took a long time for deliberate and delicate grinding, especially the Ace of Spades. The special design expresses the changing times of the dragon, vernal equinox, clouds, fog, the autumnal equinox, and more. 

Dragonlord is not our creation - it actually comes from our ancestors. We must do everything we can to discover the legacy that our ancestors have left for us. We thank USPCC and Sam for joining us in presenting this incredible and mysterious treasure in the form of playing cards. They are carrying on our unique beliefs, artistic ideas, and dedication to bringing playing cards to the top of world art!

  • Artwork by Sam Hayles, who designed the Karnival Series
  • Branded with the Bicycle logo for collection purposes
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Each deck contains 4 gaff cards, plus 1 duplicate
  • Complete performance video and tutorial available upon request

2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome Dragon Deck!

I absolutely love the modifications of this deck! The customization is different enough for it to stand out, but familiar enough that it can be used for gameplay, cardistry, and magic and be recognized by others. I can truly appreciate the Dragon theme and it was done well. The deck handles well and feels great in the hands.


Cards are great. The faces and joker's are well done. The gaff pack is a very nice extra but I couldn't find the suggested routine instructions anywhere. They are general enough that you can come up with your own uses just fine but I guess I expected I was also buying a trick with instructions.

Steven Hansen
My opinion

Nice handling Bicycle deck, however my deck did not have the advertised 4 gaff cards or the 1 duplicate card. HMMMMM? I am disappointed with the dragon artwork. It is not very well defined and is quite blurry. Could have been much better.

Daniel Costarell
The mystique of the dragon

To be fair, I'm writing this review solely as a collector, not as a performer or a magician. That said, let's discuss pros and cons. On the pro side, it's nice that there is at least a TOUCH of custom here. Standard bicycle rider backs are tweaked slightly to show a white background with black ink. There are two full sized custom "dragon" jokers with nice monochromatic artwork, although the art on the black joker is slightly smaller than the red joker (I distinguish between the red and black jokers because the word "JOKER" on the cards is colored accordingly). The large center pip on the ace of spades also contains the dragon. Also of interest is that this deck contains a little black paper envelope that includes several gaff cards, perfect for magicians and performers. On the con side, other than a slightly faded coloration to the fonts and pips, and an "inverted" sort of photographic negative style on the court cards (white borders, black backgrounds, white inks. Clubs and spades are white, hearts and diamonds are red), there's nothing that stands out to me. While I understand that the simplicity of this deck is the key due to the fact that it's a deck for performers, and the style and design goes along with the included gaff cards, I feel that those who are collectors but not magicians were somewhat excluded here, this deck being more of a niche item. If half stars were possible then this is a 3.5 all day, but as cons overshadow pros for me, it's a solid three.

Phil Dennis
Excellent performance deck

This deck is well worth the price for a working magic performance deck! The deck comes with a 52-on-1 gaff with a card reveal that is a featured prediction trick (self-working). Also included is a spinning blurred card transformation illusion. Finally, there are gaffs for a missed prediction effect where the cards transform sequentially and finally the selection and the prediction match. Easy sleights (with practice!) are shown on the tutorial video.

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