Draconian Brimstone Playing Cards Deck

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Magical and mythical, the Draconian Brimstone playing cards are the perfect deck for lovers of dragons and illusions. The cards are simple in nature: solid black with red and white accents throughout. The allure of the card lies in its backing, where beautiful dragon scales make up the entirety of the card in a delicate coil shape. The striking shape in which the dragon scales were incorporated makes this deck ideal for cardists! 

The deck’s tuck box is equally as impressive, as it continues to showcase the dragon scales in vivid colors, including orange-foiled accents incorporated onto a black matte background. Designed by Randy Butterfield, the Draconian Brimstone are the perfect playing cards for a traditional game or cardistry.

Main Features:

  • Premium Quality Deck

  • Embossed tuck box

  • Vibrant colors requiring special printing

  • Never to be printed again

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