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Don Quixote Volume 1 - 2 Deck Set Playing Cards

$33.99 USD
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Don Quixote Volume 1 - 2 Deck Set Playing Cards

$33.99 USD

 Don Quixote Vol. 1 Playing Cards illustrates the eccentric and memorable characters of the novel, sharing them with the whole world. It's also an homage to the creation of Spanish novelist Cervantes on the 400th anniversary of his death in the month of April.

This Vol. 1 playing card deck is based on the first volume of the Don Quixote novel and its unique characters. 

Every part of this deck has been custom illustrated from scratch by the design studio, Cellar Window. Each court card represents a central character in the first volume of the Don Quixote novel. It has been designed carefully and researched, as well as old etchings of the characters, to create something unique. 

Don Quixote Vol. 1 shares a glimpse of the beautiful characters within the novel, written by Miguel Cervantes, with the whole world. Custom Illustrations on these playing cards will allow you to revisit the beloved characters that the Hidalgo Don Quixote meets during his first travels as a knight-errant throughout Spain. 

You will find characters illustrated in great detail that befits a novel which has stood the test of time. 

Don Quixote Vol. 1 has a limited print run by LPCC (Legends Playing Card Company) on traditionally cut European card stock and Emerald Finish - the cards have a great snap and feel to them. If you have ever handled some of the premium decks from Lawrence at LPCC, you will know first-hand that their status as one of the top in the playing card manufacturing world is self-evident. 


  • Printed  by the Legends Playing Card Company

  • Custom Courts, Aces, Jokers and Pip Layout

  • Traditionally Cut European Card Stock with Emerald Finish

  • Premium Matte Card Stock Box

  • Custom Perforated Tax Stamp Seal

  • Gold Foiling 

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