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Disparos Tequila Black Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD
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Disparos Tequila Black Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD

Disparos Tequila Black Playing Cards 

  • As the stand-out card deck of the Prohibition Series, the Disparos Tequila Playing Cards by Ellusionist are specifically designed with card players, magicians and card enthusiasts in mind.
  • Taking inspiration from the vasqueers and gunslingers of the old west, the Disparos deck features re-modeled sugar skulls, dueling pistols and details of a vast Mexican culture.
  • The jet black tones against the white false-edge border gives these cards a sinister feel.
  • The tuck box features a silver foil finish adorned with stylized desert skulls and guns
  • This stunning playing card set features high quality, USPCC stock, a soft-glide performance finish for flawless sleight of hand techniques.

2018 release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elizabeth Nissen
Buy the the Ace of Spades Alone

The Ace of Spades is one of the most creative uses of negative space I have seen and worth he purchase in itself. The spectacular back design is reminiscent of some of the Joker and the Thief decks.

Best Used for Halloween

I like the intricate look of the box more than the cards themselves and mostly bring out this deck as a Halloween decoration. The ace of spades design is very cool, and the custom numbering font on the matches the overall theme, which is always nice. The court illustrations could be a bit more well-defined though.

Robert Smith
Great deck for a tequila fan like me.

The designer took Box to the design of the card all screams tequila. Being printed by the US playing card company you know how they feel before you take them out of the box. If I had one complaint it would be that the jokers match the back of the cards too closely

Great Deck For Halloween

Tuck Case - 4.5/5
Silver on black design is really nice. Creates a bit of shine. Also love the postage stamp custom seal and detail on the flaps.

Card Design - 3/5
I love the nice and intricate two-way backs. The pips are custom and do a good job matching the theme. Not a fan of black cards, but it does make sense for this deck. The court cards being one-way is a shame.

Handling - 4/5
Deck handles well for shuffling and fans. Feels like a premium deck to me.

Game Play - 2/5
Not very recognizable for game play. Black cards can create quite a glare on the cards depending on lighting. I don't think this deck is meant much for game play.

Overall - 3/5
Not completely my style, but still a fun art deck and worth a purchase if you custom decks and enjoy the theme. It'd be cool to use these around the Halloween timeframe.


This is a great deck. The great pattern and the colors make them very eye catching. The deck feels great in your hand. They are very easy to handle. They look great during tricks. The stock is good. It is a good deck to have in your collection. I love the black, white, and grey on the back. I love borderless decks. Having no borders makes them look sleeker, in my opinion. The box design is also good. The box makes them look very professional. I like the darker blues. Over all, the design is simple, but simple can be a good thing.

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