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Derren Brown Playing Cards USPCC

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Derren Brown Playing Cards USPCC

$13.99 USD

Derren Brown Playing Cards

From the Library of Derren Brown

In collaboration with Derren Brown, theory11 presents a tribute to art, design, and the psychological art of illusion. From stage to screen, two-time Olivier Award winner Derren Brown has mesmerized millions worldwide - from the UK to his New York Broadway debut: Secret.

Over the past two years, these playing cards have been crafted with passion, precision, and art direction by Derren Brown. Wrapped in gold and green to resemble an antique book, these cards are an elegant tool for magic, card games, collectors, and beyond.

No Detail Untouched

Made in the USA at The United States Playing Card Company with FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates.

2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

very nice cards seel is hard to open nicely

Great Concept!!

I usually like displaying my decks sideways in the racks and this deck fulfills the requirement. Beautifully designed box that gives you a feel of gilded book. And I ordered them just due to that book like shaped tuck case.

Daniel C Costarell
Renee Lubert's review below is ridiculous.

I've already left a comprehensive review below of this deck, but I noticed the review below that Renee Lubert left is absolutely ludicrous, so I had to leave a second review to come to the defense of this deck, which is one of the best that I've ever seen. I have ordered two of these decks, and they both were ordered from this website. They're both perfect, and they both depict the pip arrangement exactly the same as is displayed in the video here. I can't necessarily call Renee a liar without seeing the deck that was purchased; however, this would certainly be the first I've heard of a different edition of these cards floating around out there. It sounds like the below post was done purely from a sour grapes standpoint, so, sorry Renee, I'm going to have to come to the defense of this deck (as well as the good folks here at Playing Card Decks) and call B.S. on your post. #sorrynotsorry

Renee Lubert
Not the deck you see advertised in the Magicorthodoxy video review

Obviously there are more than one edition of these cards going around. I tried to order these cards first on Amazon and when I got them, they were not the ones show in this video, or most of the other videos I saw. This deck has pips that are in non-standard positions. I thought that was neat, and most of my motivation for purchasing the deck. The rest of the designs on this deck...meh...but the repositioned pips, thumbs up. So like I said, when I got the Amazon deck, the pips were in standard position. Not like in the video on this page. So I write to PCD and ask them if theirs are the ones with non-standard pip placement, because I think I got gypped by Amazon. The only response I got back was "ours are authentic" but they did not mention whether the pip placement on the cards were the same or different. So I take a gamble and with the limited assurance that "ours are authentic" sent for a second deck. When it arrived, it did have a seal that said "first edition" on it. However, when I opened the tuck case... standard pip placement, so in effect I just purchased a second copy of a deck I didn't want the first one of. So, again, obviously there are 2 versions of the Derren Brown deck floating around. With as much as I've spent on the "wrong" ones, I might have gone on eBay to find the "right" one. But just know, this is not the version seen in the video they have on their own page. Thanks, PCD.

Elizabeth Nissen
My favorite Theory 11 Deck

It is hard to choose a favorite Theory 11 deck because they are all so wonderfully designed. This one stands out though... Love the color and the book design of the tuck case and the back design of the cards is simply beautiful. This is a gorgeous deck

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