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DeLand's Centennial Marked Playing Cards USPCC

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DeLand's Centennial Marked Playing Cards USPCC

DeLand's Centennial Playing Cards

A February 2021 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here

Available in 2 editions, not sold as a set

This listing is for the nifty version of the deck (1 deck)

The DeLand Centennial project brings two amazing decks of marked playing cards back to life. Originally printed in 1919, the Daisy Deck and Nifty Deck were created by Theodore DeLand. In honor of their 100th anniversary, we have recreated these ingenious decks from the ground up.

We have teamed up with renowned magician, graphic designer, and marked deck expert, Phill Smith (creator of the DMC ELITES) to create these stunning Centennial Editions. These are not simply reprints - each deck has been painstakingly redrawn and enhanced with new art and new features.

Theodore DeLand was a genius creator and innovator in the magic world. DeLand lived from 1873 to 1931. Before departing this world, he left behind an enormous collection of mind-boggling creations. His best-known work is the "Dollar Deck", a groundbreaking marked deck of cards.

Few are aware that DeLand actually created many marked deck designs in addition to countless magic tricks. Originally offered in 1919, the Daisy Deck and Nifty Deck appear to be simple, innocent cards at first glance - but each deck holds many secrets waiting to be decoded.

Each deck has a full-bleed borderless back design that looks right at home on the poker table. We have meticulously recreated each design to be faithful to the original, while making small changes to make the decks more useful for the modern performer.

To offer them as a complimentary pair, the Daisy Deck has been designed in a deep Burgundy and the Nifty Deck is dark Blue.

Not only is each deck marked to tell you the Suit & Value of every card, but there are other secret marks as well. We have expanded upon the core design originally created by DeLand and taken it a step further. In the Centennial Edition, each deck has OVER 500 MARKS in total. A quick glance at any card back will tell you the identity of not just one, but THREE different cards, as well as how many cards are left in a pile.

Every deck comes with an instruction card that will teach you how to decode the markings, as well as access to an instructional video by Kevin Reylek. The systems are hard to detect but are simple to learn and can be mastered with moderate practice.

Tuck Boxes:
The tuck boxes feature all-new, 100% custom designs that deliver a vintage vibe that has been elevated with a touch of modern elegance. Each deck also has a custom sticker seal.

We absolutely LOVE vintage card faces. Both the Daisy Deck and Nifty Deck have gorgeous custom faces based on designs from the early 20th century.

The faces have been completely redrawn for modern printing, but fully capture the essence of vintage designs, including subtle asymmetry and small imperfections.

The Ace of Spades and Jokers are faithful recreations of DeLand's classics.

The deck comes in Si Stebbins stack direct from the factory, allowing you to perform a number of diabolical effects.

Have you ever tried to fan or shuffle a 100-year-old deck of cards? It's not easy! Manufacturing techniques have improved immeasurably since the original 1919 decks, so one of the biggest upgrades that the DeLand Centennial offers over the originals is the handling quality.

These were printed with the US Playing Card Company on a Classic stock with top-of-the-line coating for the ultimate performance for magic, games, cardistry, and more. The decks are traditionally cut. This means that the cards are cut from face to back, which creates a minuscule yet important edge bevel that aids in executing card moves flawlessly.

-Based on the Classic 100-year-old Daisy & Nifty Decks by DeLand
-Revised & Updated artwork by Phill Smith
-Completely New Custom Tuck Designs
-Over 500 Marks per Deck
-Vintage-Style Faces
-Si Stebbins Stack
-Printed by USPCC on Classic Stock with High-Grade Finish
-Traditionally Cut
-2020 Release

Customer Reviews

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Monica Stygar

Good cards fast shipping


I must admit that I'm a fan of DeLand and his work on playing cards. Deland may not have been the first to do marked cards, but he certainly was innovative in how he approached his work on marked cards. As such, the recreations of this deck by penguin magic is absolutely stunning. I particularly love the Daisy deck since the re-coloring seems so perfect for this kind of deck. The marking system is great as well as you can tell what the cards are once you learn the system. The cards handle perfectly as expected from USPCC.
This is a magician's worker deck for marked cards!

Frank Cannella
Excellent Cards

I purchased the Daisy deck. These are very good cards, and I'm pleased with my purchase. The Daisy deck is easy on the eyes. Not too busy but just right. The more common looking the cards are the better. I'm writing a Mentalist/Occult/trick using these cards. This deck is perfect for what I'm designing. Moreover, with the illusion I'm working on, their mouths will drop open, and you could knock them over with a feather. Too fancy a card and people get suspicious.......... These cards are perfect.

Jesse Case
Cool Old School Deck!

I got the Daisy deck in a Pip Box Club subscription and I was quite happy and amazed with this deck. It has a really cool old school vintage feel through and through. They are also the most in-depth marked deck I have ever seen with 5 different markings per card! They also come stacked which is cool and something I look forward to learning more about. The markings aren't as hard to learn as they may seem at first glance and the instructions make them easy to understand. All in all I highly recommend this deck and I plan to get the nifty deck for myself soon.

sam r
nice, old school feel.

I typically prefer a bordered back, but there is a really nice, old-school card table feel to these. Definitely interested in diving into the stack and marking system as well.

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